Saoirse Quincy

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Played by: crystias

Bee, female, 28

Aliases: N/A
Nationality: American
Residence: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Employer: LAPD
Function: Detective, Field Agent
Twitter: @SaoQuincy

Saoirse Quincy[edit]

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Height: 5'8"
Blood Type: O-
Date of Birth: May 21st, 1990
Ethnicity: Irish
Languages known:
  • English - Fluent
  • Irish-Gaelic - Novice
  • American Sign Language (ASL) - Intermediate
  • Korean - Intermediate

Saoirse Quincy is a studious and determined worker. Her unwavering resolve to settle problems is unprecedented, and is known to work late hours to complete cases in the past; this is in part due to her desire to give those wronged the justice they deserve. Her ability to spot patterns and extract information through observation has proven reliable, and she places a great deal of confidence in said skills. She has been noted to engage in verbal witticisms, though her serious nature may cause others to interpret these as sarcastic or harsh.

However, Saoirse's mindset can create conflict with others. As a serious and rather grumpy individual Saoirse doesn't have the patience to deal with those who would rather fool around, and is easy to irritate. She is also quite pessimistic, thinking the worst of a scenario first. Once one gets under her grumpy and serious exterior, they find a woman who deeply cares for others, and can be rather reckless when it comes to saving those who are close to her.

Born May 21st, 1990 to Fiona and Cain O'Conner at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland.

Due to her father's job in the computer technology industry, they moved to California in 2000 and has been there ever since. She graduated from highschool in 2008 and went to California State University in Long Beach, CA for a major in Criminal Justice. It was during this time she met [REDACTED].

After graduating she joined the Los Angeles Police Department and worked her way towards being a police detective. She was also dating [REDACTED], who got a job with the CDC.

The bomb changed everything.

With the terrorist attack in Tokyo, [REDACTED] was sent out of state to deal with a potential biohazard on the east coast. He was only supposed to be out there for a couple of days, a week or two at most.

He never returned.

Saoirse, now a police detective started to realize [REDACTED] was MIA after a couple of days of radio silence from him and started spending her free time looking for him. She tried everything....last known contacts, databases that she could access...but nothing yielded any results. Six months pass...

And then one night she dreams. Dreams of an unknown plane where two sides whisper about the voices..about choices she has yet to make. They speak of patterns and monsters....about darkness and the dawn of a new age.

She wakes up screaming and coughing.

It takes her time to adjust to her new abilities, floating in and out of consciousness, darkness consuming her each time. But one time she heard another voice....distorted but different from those she heard before. And she started to learn how everything works very if she had done this before.

That was when The Dragon found her and whisked her away to become part of their models.

  • Power of Observation - Saoirse is rather sharp when it comes to observing situations both mundane and supernatural due to her job as a police detective and her high intelligence. She is able to find things and discover things that most would have a hard time uncovering. However, this skill falters significantly when it comes to romantic or flirty interactions with characters because of her serious nature.
  • Expert Marksman - As a member of the police force and now a field agent, Saoirse has a 88% accuracy rating with pistols. This rating lowers with assault rifles and especially with shotguns.
  • Motorcycle Handleability - Is able to drive a motorcycle with ease.
  • Elemental Magic - When she became a bee, she found herself able to conjure and control electricity and fire. She is always seen wearing fingerless gloves to help protect most of her hand incase something seriously bad happens. She also is typically warmer than the average human.
  • Clairvoyance(?) - When she became a bee she found herself having serious migraines or headaches, visions flashing throughout her head that would sometimes result in her passing out from the overload. They are typically visions of the future, although it is never set in stone, with varying levels dependent on how bad the negative side effects are. After the events at the Orochi Tower in Tokyo, this ability started to happen less frequently, but after recent events with the Buzzing going dark, the migraines and headaches have become a constant element Saoirse has to deal with, with it getting worse while she's in Agartha.
  • Filth Magent - For some reason when Saoirse is around the Filth it gets more agitated and aggressively goes after her. This makes stealth missions in filth-filled environments almost impossible, and she has a difficult time in areas that are heavily infested with filth.

Jerry Aputsiaq , Illuminati[edit]

While on a mission in Kingsmouth, Maine, Saoirse saved Jerry Aputsiaq from a large zombie horde that was going after her. They've been in contact ever since. Their relationship is one of give and take; Jerry gives Saoirse information from her numerous contacts around the world and Saoirse sometimes supplies Jerry with information on The Dragon. Nothing much, only things that she can give away without angering the head. They also have a love/hate relationship with each other due to Jerry's wild nature and Saoirse's serious nature. 

Frederick Thomas, Templar[edit]

 One of Jerry's contacts that Saoirse has come to know well enough these days is Doctor Frederick Thomas. He has been her primary care physician for years, often helping her deal with her condition that she gained as a bee along with primary care and field medic attention. She gets along with him rather well, although she doesn't see why he is so cautious with her when the condition doesn't trigger often enough to be considered a problem to her. 

Simon Pendleghast[edit]

A Bespoke Tailor, Magi, and Doctor, Saoirse has found herself placing immense trust in Simon Pendleghast as both one who deals with powerful entities as part of Cerberus and as a good friend. She can often be seen in his tailoring shop, sharing a cup of tea or scotch with the man. Those that mess with Simon Pendleghast will quickly find themselves hearing it from Saoirse. 

Arden Garett, Dragon[edit]

As one of the younger looking kids that was bee’d, Saoirse took him in after he asked her for firearms training. He calls her Auntie Sao and Saoirse adores him like a nephew. However, she tries to avoid treating him completely like a child that is too stupid to learn, instead wishing for him to gain the experience he so desperately needs in this new world he has entered. If anyone messes with this baby bee Saoirse will make sure they get their comeuppance. 

Laila Savigne-Frey[edit]

Saoirse was introduced to Laila by Simon due to an incident involving a filth entity trying to drag her into The Dreaming to mess with her. Over time, Laila and Saoirse have gained this nice sort of friendship. Although admittedly Saoirse hopes she’ll be able to prove her worth to Laila as one who can hold her own. 

The Dragon[edit]

 As one of the claws of the Dragon she has become part of their models. She doesn't follow blindly, often disapproving of their methods of recruitment and initiation. However, considering the alternatives she is glad they are the ones she has to deal with. 


  • Key Lime Pie
  • Cats
  • Motorcycles
  • Coffee
  • Hard Liquor
  • 70s and 80s Rock music
  • Strategy games/Puzzles
  • Movie Nights
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Takeout
  • The colors black, brown, green, and yellow.


  • Beer
  • Smart asses/Mischievous lil shits
  • Skeevy fuckboys
  • Club music
  • The Filth
  • Dying
  • Cooking
  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Before she was bee'd Saoirse originally had light brown eyes. Why her eyes became a striking blue when she was turned is unknown to her.
    • She wears brown contacts around those who knew her before she was bee'd.
  • Since the Buzzing went dark in October 2018 she has to deal with a chronic headache that will never go away and hearing white noise in her ear constantly in the background. If she focuses on the white noise too much or enters Agartha it gets louder and the headache turns into a full-blown migraine.
  • She doesn't get that much sleep. Just enough to keep herself from passing out on the job. It's mainly due to her sleeping patterns being messed up because of her frequent hopping around the world via Agartha
  • She can't dance for anything. She is the white person at a dance who steps from side to side and calls that dancing. Yes, really.
  • Saoirse has freckles everywhere. Face, neck, chest, shoulders, butt....
  • Her apartment is bare bones at the moment. Although she has a bed she doesn't often use it.
  • She like her coffee with no cream and one spoonful of sugar.
  • Saoirse has a cat made out of crimson red ribbon named Aisling that she got for her birthday. She adores her to death.
  • She has a stuffed animal bunny from Build-A-Bear named Mr. Charlie. She sleeps with him when she can.

Hi! I, the mun, go by Crys or Crystias. Here's some things to keep in mind if you wanna RP with me:

  • I like for the most part to keep to the lore of Secret World Legends, however I don't mind a bit of a grey area as long as it makes sense & it fits!
    • I try to keep up with the lore as much as I can but sometimes I can miss some things. If I screw something up just give me a heads up!
  • Communication is vital. I can be a rather anxious person and so having someone who is willing to communicate with me is vital for me. I can not stress this enough.
  • Please try to keep IC/OOC separate. Saoirse is a rather serious, grumpy, and easily irritated character who can and will sometimes clash with your OC if provoked. Just because they feel that way about your OC, doesn't mean I feel that way about you.
    • Likewise, anything I say OOC should not be interpreted as things I say IC. Please do not post an OOC conversation I have with you as IC, or talk about OOC game interaction as IC interaction unless we both agree to make it canon IC.
    • This is also applies to metagaming (which is when you take something you know OOC and have your character magically know it). Please keep the information you know through OOC means (such as the wiki page) away from your character's IC knowledge unless given permission.
  • Please respect my boundaries/personal space both in game and out, especially if I point it out. I do not take dismissal of my boundaries lightly.
  • Things I'd like a heads up on before RPing:
    • Extreme Violence, Gore (As in intestines all over the floor, gorging out eyeballs, etc.)
    • Anything related to suicide
    • Sexual Assault
    • Anything to do with maggots (They just squick me out sorry)
  • If you'd like to RP something on the list above know that it's very unlikely that I will RP it out with you unless there is a very good reason, and for some of them I might still say no.
  • I, as a mun do not mind doing Erotic RPs, however I ask that you and your character are above the age of 18. If we RP and it gets to a point where it might get NSFW I'll wanna talk out how we wanna approach it if you wish to continue.
    • Also, with Saoirse: she as a character will not have sex with another character unless they have a solid, established connection as not only does she have character plot related things that have to do with relationships, but she is also played demisexual. Friends/Good Friends at minimum.
  • Just overall OOC wise just be a decent person.

Ways to contact me if you wish to RP with Saoirse:

  • Twitter DMs @SaoQuincy
  • Discord: Crystia#0809 (Tell me that you're there for SWL RP or the like so I know)
  • IGN: SaoSao
    • If you'd like to RP with me in-game contact me in my Twitter DMs first please! I've never really RP'd in an MMO game (or any game) before so I'll be trying to figure out everything. I also work on an Apple computer so getting in game requires me to switch Operating Systems so it's better to contact me first.

Art of Saoirse or Screenshots will go here so you can get more of an idea of what she looks like! Please note that artwork displays a more accurate representation of what Saoirse looks like compared to screenshot work!