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A Non-Player Character (or NPC) can refer to one of two things:

1) An existing, in-universe or in-game character that was created by, and is controlled by, Funcom. Kirsten Geary, Richard Sonnac, Deputy Andy, and Sam Krieg are all examples of this type of NPC.

2) An original character created and controlled by a Secret World player, but who is not an active, main story character and exists primarily in the background. A PC's parents, the barista at their favorite coffee shop, or a random minor villain in a story, might all be examples of this type of NPC.

These wiki pages contain detailed information about various NPCs, their pasts, and their personalities. Please note that unless otherwise stated, all information in an NPC wiki page is considered to be Out Of Character (OOC) knowledge, and should not be used without permission. In other words, your character does not by default have access to the information you read.

The list below displays all Non-Player Characters available in this wiki, regardless of faction loyalty (or lack thereof).

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