Jerry Aputsiaq

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Played by: Crystias

Bee, female, 24

Aliases: Jerry
Nationality: American
Residence: New York City, NY, USA
Employer: Illuminati
Function: Info Dealer, Hacker, Field Agent
Twitter: InformedSiren

Jeraldine "Jerry" Aputsiaq[edit]

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: A+
Date of Birth: October 30, 1993
Ethnicity: Native American

To be filled out

Describe your character's life before they became aware of The Secret World. Remember, this is just a suggestion! You can change the titles of these sections to anything you want.

How did your character become part of the Secret World, and what have they been up to since then?

  • All the Hacking - Jerry went to school for computer science, and found her calling in building secure networks for clients. Because of this she also has the ability to hack systems, and is highly proficient in it. However this skill requires the use of a computer, preferably a laptop.
  • Master Manipulator - Whatever Jerry wants, she will try to get. Growing up wanting to the world to wrap around your finger, Jerry learned over the years that the best way to get people to do what you want it to manipulate them into that position through any number of ways. However she can't manipulate or predict everyone, and has a particular problem with unpredictable or emotionless characters.
  • Magic Fingers - With the bee came magical abilities, and Jerry found herself able to work her fingers with chaos magic. She mainly uses it to escape or tire out her opponent, as creating multiples of yourself or rigging a game in her favor is so much more fun than just a straight up fight.
  • Swords/Knives - With her work as a field agent and the new bee powers, Jerry found herself having to use some sort of self-defense weapon other than the chaos magic she was still trying to learn. Because of her skills in cooking she turned to blades, and is steadily improving her ability to wield them.

Frederick Thomas, Templar[edit]

She ran into Dr. Frederick Thomas when she first arrived in Kingsmouth, as he was helping those injured at the police station. After some talking and some manipulation later, and she finds out his disgruntled Templar status and decides to keep him as a contact in the Templar ranks. Like many others Jerry hacks into systems and deals information to Frederick in return for information and favors. She finds his prudishness and patience to be rather adorable, and often refers to him like a puppy. Later on she introduced him to Saoirse which helped secure him as a source of info. 

Saoirse Quincy, Dragon[edit]

Jerry met Saoirse while out on Solomon Island. She was walking around Kingsmouth when a large horde of zombies started to go after her. With not much experience fighting under her belt Jerry ran, and was saved by Saoirse who was also assigned there at the time. Over time the two of them have built a rather interesting love/hate relationship. Saoirse despises Jerry's wild and prying attitudes, while Jerry finds Saoirse absolutely hilarious to mess with and will often poke and prod into her personal life for the reaction it gets. However Jerry does because she finds Saoirse to be too much of a hardass and believes she needs to "loosen up a bit." Jerry is also Saoirse's main source of information, dealing her information from other factions as well hacking into systems to help her find people. In return Jerry asks Saoirse for favors and gets information on The Dragon. It's a win-win situation really. 

The Illuminati[edit]

Although Jerry's initiation was quite crazy to say the least, Jerry finds the Illuminati to be a hoot. She rather enjoys the way they are structured, and is a rather loyal bee at the moment due to the fact that the  other secret societies are either hardasses, or just spewing nonsense. Thus she finds the Illuminati to be the best secret society to help fix things. However, if she's given enough of a reason she won't hesitate to throw them away like trash: She's only in it for herself, after all. 


  • Clubs
  • Dancing
  • Sex
  • Cooking
  • Alcohol
  • Computers
  • Manipulating others
  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • One Night Stands
  • the colors black, white, blue, and green


  • Dying
  • The color orange
  • Classical music
  • "No funny business" attitudes
  • Commitment
  • Blood
  • People who don't keep their end of a bargain

  • Jerry's eyes used to be a dark brown before she was bee'd. Why they became yellow when she was bee'd she has no clue. Nor does she care.
    • The same can be said for her hair, which was black before she was bee'd. Now it's permanently white. She has to fill in her eyebrows these days.

Hi! I, the mun, go by Crys or Crystias. Here's some things to keep in mind if you wanna RP with me:

  • I like for the most part to keep to the lore of Secret World Legends, however I don't mind a bit of a grey area as long as it makes sense & it fits!
    • I try to keep up with the lore as much as I can but sometimes I can miss some things. If I screw something up just give me a heads up!
  • Communication is vital. I can be a rather anxious person and so having someone who is willing to communicate with me is vital for me. I can not stress this enough.
  • Please try to keep IC/OOC separate. Jerry is a wild, manipulative, and selfish asshole that can and will clash or mess with characters. Just because they feel that way about your OC, doesn't mean I feel that way about you.
    • Likewise, anything I say OOC should not be interpreted as things I say IC. Please do not post an OOC conversation I have with you as IC, or talk about OOC game interaction as IC interaction unless we both agree to make it canon IC.
    • This is also applies to metagaming (which is when you take something you know OOC and have your character magically know it). Please keep the information you know through OOC means (such as the wiki page) away from your character's IC knowledge unless given permission.
  • Please respect my boundaries/personal space both in game and out, especially if I point it out. I do not take dismissal of my boundaries lightly.
  • Things I'd like a heads up on before RPing:
    • Extreme Violence, Gore (As in intestines all over the floor, gorging out eyeballs, etc.)
    • Anything related to suicide
    • Sexual Assault
    • Anything to do with maggots (They just squick me out sorry)
  • If you'd like to RP something on the list above know that it's very unlikely that I will RP it out with you unless there is a very good reason, and for some of them I might still say no.
  • I, as a mun do not mind doing Erotic RPs, however I ask that both you and your character are above the age of 18. If we RP and it gets to a point where it might get NSFW I'll wanna talk out how we wanna approach it if you wish to continue.
  • Just overall OOC wise just be a decent person.

Ways to contact me if you wish to RP with Jerry:

  • Twitter DMs @InformedSiren
  • Discord: CRYSis#0809 (Tell me that you're there for SWL RP or the like so I know)
  • IGN: Jeraldine
    • If you'd like to RP with me in-game contact me in my Twitter DMs first please! I've never really RP'd in an MMO game (or any game) before so I'll be trying to figure out everything. I also work on an Apple computer so getting in game requires me to switch Operating Systems so it's better to contact me first.

As I associate TSW and SWL as two different alternate realities SWL!Jerry is technically an alternative version of her TSW counterpart. That being said she's the same with the exception of being "rebooted" per say.