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This template is for creating new records for characters who exist within the Secret World. You can use this template for any faction.

How to use the Template[edit]

  1. Click on the Add Record menu option and select 'Create Character'
  2. Enter the full name of your character in the format: Firstname Lastname
  3. You will see a long text-list in the format: parameter = value (e.g. faction = illuminati)
  4. Fill in the values on the list!
  5. Fill in some text for the pre-made sections (more on that below).
  6. After you've filled it all in, save the page. You're done!

Gaian warrior allegedly Dragon faction, but not confirmed.

PC vs. NPC[edit]

Similar to the faction parameter above, there is also a status parameter:

| status = pc npc

Again, make sure you choose only one of the options!

| status = pc


Is this becoming familiar yet? Edit the species to indicate what species, race, or whatever that your character belongs to. Some examples are included.

All the Rest[edit]

  • Player: Your actual player name. By default, your Wiki username should be the same as your Enjin username, so that people can easily identify you.
  • Nickname: Your character's in-game nickname. E.g. Sanneke 'Sandrijn' DeJaegher, where Sandrijn is the nickname.
  • Image: The name of the image of your character that you uploaded to the Wiki. Not the entire URL, just the image name. It should be 245px by 245px for best results. Pictures that are too large will be automatically cropped down to 245-by-245, and might get weird results! Example: MyCharacter.jpg (not [[Image:MyCharacter.jpg]])
  • Organization: The cabal, company, terrorist group, research facility, etc. that your character is a member of, if any. If not, leave it blank!
  • Job_Title: Your character's actual job title/description, if they have one. If not, leave it blank!
  • Aliases: Any aliases, pseudonyms, or false identities your character might have.
  • Twitter: Your character's IC Twitter handle, in the format @Name.
  • Gender: Self-explanatory!
  • Age: Also self-explanatory! You can either put actual age, or apparent age (if you're one of the long-lived types).
  • Nationality: Your character's 'real', current nationality.
  • Residence: Where they live now.

Pre-Made Sections[edit]

The default template includes a few biographical sections to get you thinking about other things about your character. Right now, these sections are Early Life, The Secret War, Known Associates/Affiliations, and Special Notes.

For example:

=• The Secret War  •=
How did your character become part of the Secret World, and what have they been up to since then?

You can easily change the titles (and contents) of these pre-made sections simply by erasing what's there and putting in what you want. Or, you can keep these and add new sections of your own by copying/pasting a block and giving it a new title and new text.

For example:

=• My Special Section  •=
This is a new section for my special stuff!

Adding Formatting, Pictures, Etc.[edit]

Other Templates[edit]