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Welcome to the Secret World Legends Roleplay wiki.

This wiki is devoted to player-made characters, organizations, cabals, and lore within Funcom's shared-world RPG, Secret World Legends. SWL is the spiritual successor to The Secret World MMO. Legacy TSW has had a thriving and vibrant roleplay community for the last four years, and many players have expressed interest in continuing the tradition!

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For more information:

Featured Character

Craft Ramsay


"Calm down. It's going to be alright. Yes. I know the police couldn't help you. Yes. I know no-one believes you. But I believe you. We are... experienced in handling these sorts of things. We will take care of it. We will get your life back to normal. I'll need to ask a few questions first... what? Yes. I promise. Everything will be back to normal soon."

When people in the 'mundane' world have no where else to turn, they turn to Craft Ramsay and Knightsbridge Consulting.