William "Arondight" Jang

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Played by: Arondight
Arondight Profile.jpg

Mortal, Male, 38

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: 3835 Military Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015
Employer: FEMA
Function: Consultant- Supernatural Crisis Management

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the obsession signal - RECEIVE - initiate the kinenesthesia protocol - BOTH SIDES OF THE SCALE MUST BALANCE - change pace to match the tiles - WITNESS - William Jang.

Empty rooms creak ominously as the shrill shriek of a screaming vacuum. Obsession strikes the lone man as he furiously cleans. He counts in his head how many times he sweeps before his hands slip. A storm of curses flood out as he jankily moves to correct his mistake. A misstep makes him pause, as he stomps his feet to balance the scales only he can see.

It was always like that. The invisible balance must be maintained for him. Every step is to be measured and replicated with the other foot, each action must have it's equal. His body must have equilibrium.

An errant touch is the final push in an already terrible day. Red stains the air, and when he wakes up he finds himself wrist deep in viscera, frantically attempting to replicate the sensation he felt to balance the scale his body was. Pounding feet set a gruesome rhythm in the gloomy night, blood disappears into the sink. Guilt overtakes him, paranoia haunts him.

Initiate the paranoia protocol.

Days stretched into night, red and blue lights lurked behind every corner. No more sleep. Concerned neighbors knock on his door, no one comes to answer. Fear of discovery fills his mind, more yet, the obsession overtakes him, and that what scares him the most.

15 miles away, Alexander Dumas breathes his last. Nine PM, Will is back home, sobbing into his bloodied hands. Three minutes later, a man appears in the mirror. Green robes and sewn lips hand him the next days newspaper. Serial killer Bernard Smith was caught, walls decorated with the recent gruesome death of Alexander Dumas and 10 unidentified others. Tears streak down his eyes, thankfulness overwhelms him. He pledges his allegiance to the green.

Years pass by. Experience is gathered, and new connections are made, and a new job is offered.

18 years ago, a body disappears, whisked away by golden light and a buzzing.