Wendy Frost

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Played by: catri

Bee, female, 32

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: New York
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: @wendyfrostswl

Full Name: Wendy Cecelia Frost


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Gray

Height: 5'7"

Place of residence: New York



Innsmouth academy Class of '03

Innsmouth College class of Class of '07

MBA earned from Innsmouth College in 2009

Player: Catri

Face Claim: Emily VanCamp

Wendy was born into the secret world. She was born into a minor Illuminati family in the Cleveland area. For as long as she could remember she knew the world was more than met the eye. She went to a normal Catholic school for elementary and middle school making friends with kids who she thought would likely never know about the world she was born into. When she reached high school she got her first taste of Illuminati immersion attending Innsmouth Academy.After graduation,the logical next step was a bachelor's degree and MBA from Innsmouth College. Wendy was working for an Illuminati owned company in New York when she had an encounter with a bee.

Wendy took her bee status in stride. She had always been in the know about aspects of the secret world. Now she has access to even more aspects of it. She chose to channel her powers through firearms favoring the familiar. She had learned to shoot at a fairly young age from her parents. Knowledge of the secret world meant they knew she would need more than just a nightlight to combat the monsters under the bed. Recently her childhood friend Theresa convinced her to apply as a consultant at Knightsbridge Consulting.


Theresa "Clarion" Shea

Knightsbridge Consulting

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