Theresa Shea

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Played by: Catri

Bee, Female, 32

Aliases: None known
Nationality: United States
Residence: London, England
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: @ClarionCallSWL

Full Name: Theresa Benedicta of the Cross Shea


Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'4"

Gender: Female

Species: Anima Enhanced Human

Faction: Templars

Employer: Knightsbridge Consulting

Face Claim:Amy Adams

Job title: Consultant

     Theresa was born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Coming from a devoutly Catholic family she believed that angels and demons existed, but she never expected to see any of them in her day to day life. As for the rest of the Secret World, Theresa thought the paranormal was the stuff of fantasy novels or anthologies of myths that she read voraciously after school. She had always been interested in learning about other cultures, particularly their religious beliefs, myths, and legends. It was no surprise to her family when she chose a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religion upon entering Cleveland State University. She wasn't sure what exactly she was going to do with her degrees, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to study something she loved. She had trouble selecting an academic focus or deciding on a solid career trajectory. After she graduated, Theresa's career aspirations shifted gears slightly. She decided to pursue a masters degree in World Literature at Case Western Reserve University. She had hopes of writing fantasy novels and possibly teaching college classes. She was overall still uncertain about her career.

     In 2012 Theresa had just obtained her masters degree when a tiny bee changed her life and gave her bigger concerns than a career choice. Suddenly she found herself able to shoot fire, ice, and lightening from her hands. She was teetering on the edge of a breakdown when the Templar recruiter knocked on her door. Eager to accept any help that was offered to her, Theresa agreed to sign on with the Templar right then and there. She later learned that the Templar recruiter had only been able to beat the Illuminati recruiter to her door because she was already been in Cleveland for another purpose.
     Theresa packed her things, told her family she had been offered a job in England, and headed straight to Temple Hall. She started her time as a Templar with many lengthy sessions in the crucible learning to harness her newfound powers. Once she got to the point that she wasn't accidentally setting the furniture on fire any time she was startled, Theresa was assigned as an assistant to the archivists. For the next five years Theresa's days were filled with filing, typing, mission log paperwork, and maintaining the research library. She still occasionally made time to visit the Crucible for practice adding a bit of chaos magic to her existing repertoire of powers. She was never sent to the field. Her superiors said her assessments showed her to be unsuitable for field work. Her "lack of objective professionalism"  and "failure to focus on the bigger picture" as exhibited by calling attention to case files where she thought more could have been done to help those involved earned her the callsign Clarion after a shrill medieval war horn. They said her emotional state was too sensitive for the grit and horror. Theresa disagreed with them, but she wasn't inclined to argue. Dissatisfied with confinement to the Temple Hall Archives, Theresa recently sought employment with Knightsbridge Consulting.

I didn't play this character in TSW, although I have her personal story line start at the release time of TSW.


Knightsbridge Consulting

Wendy "Miss-Frost" Frost (childhood friend)

Theresa gained elemental magic powers right after she swallowed a bee. She has since dabbled in chaos magic as well. She did not have any previous combat skills or abilities.

   I live in the Cleveland are, so I am in the Eastern Standard/Eastern Daylight timezone. I am working on finishing up a masters degree and obtaining a teaching license, so my play schedule can be a bit sporadic. I've played WoW, GW2, SWToR,Rift, ESO, and TSW. I'm a very slow leveler, so I didn't make it very far in some of the games I played. I roleplayed in SWToR, Rift, and GW2. I'm looking forward to roleplaying in SWL. I also have experience in tabletop RPGs, LARP, andd some forum RP.