Theodore Cardon

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Played by: Harkem

Bee, male, 32

Aliases: Theo
Nationality: Canadian
Residence: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Employer: Templars
Function: Supply Administration
Twitter: @teddy__c

Theodore Étienne Cardon was born in Ottawa, Ontario on September 30th, 1989. He has a younger sister named Trinette, a florist. His late mother, Sharon, was a software engineer, and his father, Louis, is a dentist. As Theodore was growing up, his mother kept food on the table, and overall the family was more than financially stable. Though his parents loved and cared for him, he had a bit of a rebellious streak, which often got him into trouble at home and at school. During Theodore's childhood, the family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

After graduating from secondary school, Theodore spent a few years taking various college courses, not quite knowing what to do with his life. He indulged his rebellious streak by participating in illegal street racing, proving himself to be an incredibly skilled driver, and evading numerous police pursuits. He was caught once in 2009, but he paid bail using his parents' money.

When his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Theodore became determined to change for the better. He attended the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver -- where, at age 22, he graduated with a Combined Professional Diploma. He started working in various casual restaurants, and at age 26, he began working at an upscale restaurant. Soon afterward, his mother had a stroke and passed away.

Though he still participated in the occasional street race, Theodore continued working at the restaurant, having dreams of becoming a famous chef, and making his father proud of him. In early 2019, he was chosen by Gaia.

Theodore was recruited into the Templars after being chosen by Gaia. His anima has shown to be unusual -- his bee provides him with Filth protection but it lets mundane illnesses slide, and therefore Theodore will suffer from diseases like the common cold.

Theodore has ample amounts of offensive magical power, and prefers to use chaos and elemental magic. He is capable of using assault rifles in combat, and can also use telekinesis and metalbending to some extent.

Theodore has brown eyes and a fair skin tone. His hair is dark brown. He stands at 186 centimetres tall and weighs at approximately 74 kilograms. He has various tattoo patterns on his arms and torso.

He has a laid-back attitude, but he's also very shy, and never seeks the center of attention. At times, he has shown to be rather sensitive -- he's very receptive of other peoples' emotions, but his own feelings are easily hurt. Theodore is extremely good at hiding this.

Theodore is married to Tan Deveraux. The two became engaged in February 2022, and they married on March 31st, 2023.

Two notable affiliations of Theodore's are Peter Harkem and Caomhan MacBradaigh. The three used to be housemates. In particular, Theodore used to work with Caomhan in an upscale restaurant.