Sophie Desjardins

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Played by: Unknown

Human Mortal, Female, 33

Aliases: None known
Nationality: French
Residence: London, UK
Employer: Templar
Function: Elect
Twitter: @swl_Caille

Sophie's intentionally tousled mop of feathery, dark hair, her diminutive stature, and her soft, grey eyes combine to give her an entirely undeserved appearance of sweet innocence. It is her hair and her bold confidence that earned her nickname, Caille, from her father, which translates as "Quail" from her native French. Of course, the word is awfully close in pronunciation to words for "frozen" and "detest", and she lives up to each translation when deserved.

She is lithe but well muscled, and while it has been a long time since her service in the French armée de terre, she maintains a rigourous exercise regimen.

When not on duty and in her impeccably maintained uniform, Caille is frequently seen in simple t-or-a-shirts, form fitting jeans and pristine red Converse shoes. She rarely removes her old army dog tags, and often carries a modified French service issue PAMAS G1 pistol in a holster at her hip.

Those able to determine such things sense no supernatural auras surrounding Sophie; though she is strangely lucky, she is a perfectly average mortal human.

Work in progress.

For the past ten years, Sophie has been under the employ of the Templars, primarily serving within French borders. She has recently been transferred to Ealdwic.

Prior to this, she served for five years in the French armée de terre, in unspecified roles.

Work in progress.

Face credit to Audrey Tautou, entirely unaffiliated.

I do not speak fluent French, and will try my best to be respectful. As such, I will not be typing Sophie's accent phonetically, and my French will not be entirely correct at all times. Corrections are welcome, and appreciated!


Ex-French military, and celebrating her tenth year with the Templars with a transfer to Ealdwic from Paris due to recent troubles in the area.

"Eille! Were you on the dance floor at the Horned God last night? Non, never mind, allez!"

Sophie is entirely too cocksure for a mortal recent immigrant to London's supernatural melting pot. But it's amazing what an accent, a uniform, and a pistol can do.