Schera Karnstein

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Played by: Narcestra

Ljósálfar Bee, Female, appears in early 20s

Aliases: Night-Flower, DarkStar
Nationality: American/Complicated
Residence: Moving around.
Employer: Unknown
Function: Former Innsmouth Student

Having moved to a house in the Savage coast on Solomon island at the age of five, with an old man claiming to have saved her from a horrific life in Japan, she remembers very little of her life previous to moving to Solomon island, and a subject that her caretaker did not discuss with her much, he claimed he got her away for a chance of a better life.

In early days she already out performed many of the children in her class and was taken in to Innsmouth academy very early thanks to the old man Joes contacts within the secret world itself from his days as a scientist, in japan. She quickly took to classes there as well studying everything from ancient culture and mythology to Thaumaturgy as well as other form of magical practices and excelled at Computer science, Computer programming and security analysis. Scherra was a straight A student in most classes she took until 3 years before the Chaos on Solomon started when her -Father- as she had come to call the Old man Joe, died under unnatural circumstances...

The coming three years was very different for Scherra as she developed in to a whole other person that people had previously seen, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence and Crime was something she dealt with on a daily basis getting herself cought up in gangs and arrested several times from all from theft, break ins and public disturbance to Credit card frauds and worse she used her skills with computers and people to get what she wanted, yet somehow, someone seemed to work from the background often solving the arrests or pending arrests before they blew up, something that only enhanced her bad behavior and tendencies, and as the chaos on Solomon started she was already used to violance and the like, but discovered something strange, as people claimed to hear humming songs in the mist that blew in over the island and walked of in to the water... she heard a sweet voice, yet twisted and feeling no feeling at all to follow, she watched many of the towns people walk of to sea.. the following time suited her style well, stay away from the returning dead and infected she made a life stealing and scavenging until she came upon another former student of Innsmouth.. and they finally decided to make use of Scherras skills with computers to fake an extraction as Scherra claimed that the use of Agartha, or.. "The scent of honey makes me sneeze.." they aimed to fake transport and extraction of the island and make their way to Europe

She have always been aware of the secret war ever since as long as she can remember as was her parents.

She is the Child of Sierra Karnstein a charcter from Tsw and Templar whos child was stolen at birth.

Often seen hanging out in Clubs/Nightclubs, bars and game stores. got connections to various hacker networks and gangs.

Through Yggdrasil her family of Ljósálfar have survived within the secret communities, she was separated at birth from her family however. Skilled hacker, Gunslinger and Thaumaturgy.

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