Sarah Baxter

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Played by: Soupsie

Vampire, Female, 25

Aliases: None
Nationality: British
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Employer: Unknown
Function: Parabiological Researcher

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate Caledonian sample - RECEIVE - initiate saltire translation - DOWNLOAD - initiate fanged protocol - A MIND AS SHARP AS HER TEETH - initiate hemoglobin paradox - WHERE THEORIES BECOME REALITY - the pale angel - WITNESS - Sarah Baxter

We know of the poverty she grew up in yet money doesn't dictate intellect and she was one of the sharpest minds crafted for her generation. In school information was sucked up like water onto a sponge. Her health kept secured by a brother who sacrificed himself to hunger then war. Money flowed back for her to live on as he fought across the Afghanistan landscape.

She attended college and learned more about the sciences with the chance of being scooped up by one of universities of prestige. How she longed to wander the ancient halls of Cambridge or Oxford to earn her pieces of paper. Then an offer came, once again bought by a sibling's sacrifice; she was to go to Harvard.

Sarah learned about the workings of the body. Even some less human as she had been registered for more occult lessons. The Templars loathed to send her to an American school at the behest of one of her officers but they estimated they could have both siblings in their pocket. The Eye and Pyramid had other plans however; to steal the grown plant from a European seed. They succeeded.

The girl of knowledge found herself awash at the news of the Secret World. So many wonders to study. To catalogue and categorise. She was lost in the blitz of the New York nightlife and soon found herself seduced by a woman of inhuman appetites. Unafraid she accepted the dark kiss.

Now lingering between life and death she works to understand vampirism and for its cure. Not for herself, no. She finds the change exciting. For others who didn't accept it with a choice. As well as other conditions and dangers the world holds.

Sarah stands at 5'6"(1.67 meters) with long locks of red hair that spill over her shoulders. Depending on her job at the time she often opts to tie it into a tail or bun to prevent it from catching on items or headwear.

She often dons labwear or business dress depending on the circumstances or her role. Her skin is a deathly white colour and doesn't flush when feeling embarrassment, indignation or anger. She has sea-blue eyes as well. Sarah's upper gums jut out slightly given that they now contain retractable fangs and muscle structures to use them.

As a person, even as a vampire, Sarah is polite and efficient. While she can be a tease she is often professional and keeps to her job first before allowing herself to be distracted. Sarah dislikes hunting by seduction and opts to feed from bloodpacks or bottles.

While she has some basic combative training Sarah's greatest weapon is her mind. Sarah possesses skills in blood and elemental magics as well as knowledge in the fields of virology, biology and parabiology. She also assists in making study cases of species and events that affect the environment and biological life.