Sabra Deeds

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Played by: Unknown

Bee, Female, Early 20's

Aliases: None known
Nationality: Caucasian, American
Residence: White Plains, NY
Employer: Unknown
Function: Pianist
Twitter: @sabralynndeeds

Born March 20, 1996 in Syracuse, NY, to Sylvia "Silver" Biondi (psychiatrist) and Harold Deeds (Oxfordian archaeologist).

Harold died in August 2013 at a dig site in Bucharest. Sabra graduated from high school in 2014 and enrolled at Syracuse University, but she dropped out in 2016. She moved to White Plains, NY and began picking up random piano gigs at various clubs and events in the area. Performs in a wedding band.

Began exhibiting Bee powers on June 16, 2017. She is still trying to understand what is happening.

Sabra Deeds existed as a vastly different character in TSW; this is a complete rewrite, or alternate version, of the character.

Nascent and woolly; she has tunnel vision for the particular. Music is her biggest passion, and she seems to all but disappear when she plays the piano.

Vices: beer, barbiturates, and sex

Fears: large dogs, open water, and isolation

5’ 7” | 165 lbs | Brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, mild freckling on face | Voluptuous

She exhibits poor posture, dresses rather casually, and rarely dons makeup or jewelry. Her hair is often messy, even when lazily pinned back. She is easily ignited to display a big, toothy grin.