Rylie McCormick

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Played by: Unknown

Púca, male, Unknown Age

Aliases: Rylie
Nationality: Unknown
Residence: New York
Employer: Unknown
Function: Mercenary
Twitter: @kyubeyTSW

A lot of Rylie's life is unknown to him. He looks human, but that's not what his true nature really is. He is a creature from Celtic folklore, named Púca. There are a lot of different tales and versions of the mythical creature, but quite honestly, they boil down to one thing: all of those tales can be true!

The basic concept is a shape shifting creature, capable of shifting into a human or an animal or a mix of the two, who bring good or bad fortune. There are tales of these creatures who guide humans along their paths or even bring gifts to those who have shown them kindness. There are other tales of aggressive creatures, blood thirsty and eager to bring harm to any who crossed their path. Both can be true, depending on the life of each Púca.

Rylie has a short memory, consisting mostly of the past thirty or so years and what he has experienced. His heart began neutral, but with time, his emotions tugged between kindness and hatred. Humans imprinted on him quickly and he found himself wanting to harm them, but strangely enough... wanting to help them as well. It was easy to see, some humans were misguided while others were rotten inside. So he lives his life, mostly appearing as a human (or "bee" to the gullible), trying to do what he can in this Secret War.

Because of what he is, his character may come off a little aloof or cold. He is distant from others, but yearns for friendship. He knows his kind is feared by some, unknown by others, and intrigued by a select few. It's safer to stay hidden, so most people he comes in contact with will not know any better and assume he is just another Bee. He doesn't quite understand humans and their way of thinking, but he admires them and has slowly adapted to their ways.

Rylie first became involved with the factions in Romania.


Hello, friends! If you've made it through to this tab, I just want to say thank you for reading about my character. It means a lot and it is so exciting to get to know other characters, but to also get to know my own. So thank you for coming on this journey with me!

I roleplay in many different forms: twitter, google doc, in-game, etc. I am literally open to anything and everything.

That being said, I mostly pop up in-game at the RP shows through out the week. I love to chill and relax and support the community that way. If you happen to notice Rylie and want to say hello, please do! However, if say chat is moving fast, there is a chance I will miss it. I try my best to keep an eye on the chat, but my attention wanders off very easily if I'm not engaged in a conversation. So if you want to chat, give me a poke in a DM if I don't reply in say chat!

For more in-depth plot lines, I am open and happy to jump into them. If you want to plan something specifically, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can plot build together!

Friends are easy to make IC, but do you wish to make Rylie an enemy or start IC drama with him? That is fine! I understand not every character will get along, but if you wish to be mean to him ICly or want to RP a fight scene or anything like that, please give me a heads up first OOCly so that I am aware of what is happening.

Again, thank you so much for reading all of my gibberish.

OOC haters don't interact.

No, really, if anyone does read through this and decides they don't like non-canon creatures and lore, please, just move on. I am not looking to be involved in drama, so keep it to yourself. Anything that is not kept to yourself, I will ignore.