Roma Keighley-Day

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'R-Kady 'AKA' Girl Scout Gangsta'
Played by: Jinkyz

Bee, Female, 28

Aliases: Rommie
Nationality: British
Residence: Ealdwic, London
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: RomaBee@R_KDay

Roma has exotic heritage, shown by her Mocha skin and somewhat elfin features. Her hair is strait and shoulder length on the right side of her face is a permenant Henna tattoo of spiraling design and just under her rightt is a small heart, also in Henna.

She is slim, and athletically built. Primarily right handed but she can use her left in a pinch.

Her most striking feature are her eyes. She suffers from Heterochromia (meaning her eyes are different colours), with her right actually being a striking Hazel-green. She is slightly self conscious of this and will often wear sunglasses to hide the fact from casual observers.

From even slight encounters it's simple to tell that she grew up in the East End of london having as she does a strong accent and often abbreviates words of even whole phrases. Shes confident and bold, but also can be rather moody at times. Shes mostly a loner, but does seem to like company.

Basically shes complex.

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