Robert Danvers

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Played by: Danvers

Mortal human, Male, 28

Aliases: Detective, Dan, Officer
Nationality: British
Residence: Central London
Employer: Templars, Metropolitan Police London
Function: Detective Constable, Met Liason
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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate childhood trauma - RECEIVE - absent parentage - YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ALONE - alienate boy to sister - WITNESS - determination without self-preservation.

You run. You scream. You should have listened to them. The being drops down from the shadowy recesses. Its claws and talons tear the first man to shreds, the second shortly after. Two down. Four to go. Two more die quickly. Your bullets - they do not work - foolish. Your chosen father - oh how he cares - he pushes you away from its grasp. Its claws carve your flesh. The mark persists to this day. Your father does not. Watching as it begins to eat, you pick up the nearest weapon you find and charge. You scream - it turns. Everything goes black.

They say you killed it - they lie.

They lie - you didn't always survive.

You died. All of you. It took your life and the world kept turning. Now it's different - now you are tied into fate. You should be dead. The future has no place for you. Here you stand - the man fate forgot.

Friends are for the friendly - not the doomed.

A Berserker. A Witch. A Fortune-Teller. These and more. What do you think to gain with such a motley crew?

Would you say your mind? Such arrogance for a mortal. You're followed, is it out of pity? Demons. Vampires. Specters. You are but paper in a storm - fragile and weak - struggling against the tides of power and supremacy. Giants in the sandpit. The sandpit is your world. The giants are everyone else.