Robert Blaha

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Played by: Coot

Bee, Male, 30's

Aliases: "Bob"
Nationality: American (Russian Descent)
Residence: Varies
Employer: Illuminati/Lumination Securities
Function: Bodyguard

Coot BusinessCard.png

Robert Blaha, known as Bob, was born in the mid 80's in New York, New York. Bob led a fairly standard American life, and entered military service as he reached adulthood. His unit was assigned as military escorts to archaeological expeditions on foreign soil. It was only later would he learn that he had held a role in the secret war through these assignments long before being buzzed. This period of his life also proved to amplify his lifelong interest in the occult. After his tour of service was completed, he returned to the United States with hopes of becoming an archaeologist himself.

Long before this dream was fufilled, Bob was buzzed. He had a hard time adjusting to the new reality he was faced with, but over time found himself right in the thick of the Secret War. The Illuminati acquired his talent, desiring not only his newfound supernatural abilities, but also his extensive knowledge of the occult, and the skills acquired from service. He found himself immersed in the culture, but has a difficult time leading operations on his own. To that end, he and a few associates founded a personal security firm specializing in paranormal events and potentially dangerous occult occurences. Working for ambitious Illuminati agents, and occasionally others, this job allows him to continue his personal mission of understanding, categorizing, and most importantly, containing the supernatural.


The Illuminati: Bob was inducted into the Illuminati shortly after being buzzed, and has since become a dedicated agent.

Lumination securities: Bob founded a small paranormal security firm, working as a for-hire bodyguard specializing in the occult. The company and resources are backed by the Illuminati, who are also his primary clients.

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Hello, I am Coot.

I am a mostly harmless player, finally joining the RP scene in TSW/SWL. I played the original game some years ago, but never stuck around due to finding the combat and social systems not to my taste. The few attempts I made at poking around social hubs on Arcadia looking for RP ended in finding mostly empty instances. I look forward to the second time around being different!

I'm no expert on the game's lore, and that is a MAJOR reason for Bob's occupation of personal bodyguard/valet. I figure finding a character more familiar with the world and lore, perhaps one who is not cabal inclined, would allow me to ease my way into the environment. Let me know if anyone's interested.