Remiel Khiels

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Played by: Vaz

Bee, Male, 29

Aliases: None known
Nationality: United States
Residence: Manhattan, NYC, New York
Employer: Illuminati
Function: Solomon Island Pot-Watcher
Twitter: @zapmorezombies

Remiel Owens prior to marriage.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: average

Hair: brown, semi-short, fluffy and somewhat fauxhawked

Eyes: lightish-medium blue

Ethnicity: looks Vietnamese-American or Cambodian-American

Seamless. He never got to Tokyo so it's easy enough for me to just sort of ignore the timeline discrepancy until it solves itself with the re-release of Tokyo.

The way blood magic and elementalism abilities used to look and work was slightly important to some RP that occurred before. Me and the player of the character closest to Remiel are handling that by saying Remiel's bee "told" him to change the way he casts magic, but we don't plan on making this little explanation something that anyone else has to acknowledge, much less assuming everyone else's magic was one way before and a different way now.

Grahame Khiels: field partner since 2014, husband since June 2017

Miranda: friend, frequented barista

Aiden Burke: acquaintance

Rupert Greer: friend and frequent field partner

Anita: half-sister-in-law

Matthew Walker: friend

Powerful with electricity and fire elementalism but completely unable to use ice, thus frequently stuck on literal cooldown.

Mediocre blood magic healer and defender, no offensive blood magic skill whatsoever.

Almost always wearing the most basic hoodie and jeans imaginable.