Nancy Rachmaninoff

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Played by: Skoryy

Bee, Female, 31

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: London, UK
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: @MsRachmaninoff

Nancy had a normal introverted childhood, raised in a quiet undisturbed suburb by caring parents. She was a bit too awkward and nerdy to fit in with the in-crowds at school, so she took solace and friendship in her books. Most often she could be found in the library, reading a Nancy Drew mystery or some latest YA romance. She excelled in her studies, went to a private university, spent most of her time in the library there, and graduated with a degree in education. In time, she was hired as the librarian for a suburban elementary school. Her personal life was composed of scattered failed dates, followed by nights curled up either with a good book or the occasional TV program.

In short, she led the most boring and unexciting life possible, and she was perfectly happy with it.

So of course, she was chosen as a bee.

Her life's been a non-stop high speed train of chaos since then. The Templars were the first to find and recruit her, sending her on a whirlwind trip to London, Agartha, and eventually rural New England. There, she's knee-deep in zombies, armed with firearms she only used in video games and chaos magic that had only existed in fantasy tales. Its been rather dizzying, and its rather remarkable that she's handling the situation without cowering in a corner. Her determination to create a better future has flipped from helping children fill their summer reading list to pumping boogeymen full of anima buckshot. With great power comes great responsibility, even if she'd really much rather be somewhere else.

Nancy has been fitting in among the Templars, though she has no real companions beyond her contacts back in London. She's always had a notion for tradition and providing for a better tomorrow, goals that align well among the Temple set. She just needs to make more friends. Given her social anxiety, this may be a titanic struggle unto itself.

- Nancy's favored weapons are chaos magic and shotguns. The quartermasters have noted that, despite being such a timid flower, her mind towards protecting others has extended to her combat style.

- Beyond that, Nancy may be the most unassuming, polite, and untoward of all bees. She even dresses like she's still ready to stamp some overdue books.

- She is pretty fond of the Innsmouth U hoodie she 'obtained' while in New England, however. Its nice and cozy for fog-swept chills.

- Nanuchka was what her emigrant grandfather called her, and its stuck among her family over the years.