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Played by: Unknown

Human magus, Male, Undisclosed

Aliases: 黒河 暁/Kurokawa Satoru [fake alias], Trickster, Prisoner [ign]
Nationality: Undisclosed
Residence: Undisclosed
Employer: Unknown
Function: Undisclosed
Twitter: torikkuusuta

For all intents and purposes, the individual by the alias トリックスター is a male who stands at 5'8"/180 cm with an estimated weight of 130 - 140 lbs/58 - 63 kg. Most identifying features on body appear be covered by various heavy articles of clothing when seen. What can identified due to consistency is choice in attire which always includes an intricate black and red/orange colored headgear. Current analysis indeterminate if headgear has a particular purpose or is simply a mask.

Individual is armed with SIG Sauer P220 9 mm pistols, combat knives, and what appears to be various magical focuses.

  • Use of firearms is indicated, mostly favors pistols. As far as mundane weaponry goes, has also resorted to knives in the past.
  • Main weaponry is magic. Seems to manifest as various chaotic 'summons' though it is unknown whether he is actually summoning beings or if they are simply the appearance his magic takes.
  • Also proficient in use of smoke bombs, lock-picks, and other such methods.


Little can be discerned at this time from tweets and appearances. However, said individual's actions have painted a picture of a curious and cocky nature. Makes reckless decisions but is calculated enough to pull off the execution of said decisions.


Before first conducted incident involving ██████, ███████████ previous records and testimonies seem to indicate a quiet nature about him. No known incidents of behavioral problems occurred before incident or since. However, crimes individual plead guilty to involvement in indicate a resourceful individual in planning and a flamboyant style in presentation. ███████████'s own testimony seems to indicate a rebellious nature underneath with a particular dislike of unfair practices. A strong resolve is also noted.

Birthplace, Residence and Schools Attended[edit]

███████████ was born to ███████████ and ███████████ at Hitachinaka Mother And Child Hospital in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture in ██/██/████.

Lived with parents ███████ Higashiishikawa, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture up until ████.

Last known residence is ███████ Taishidō, Setagaya City, Tokyo.

Schools Attended:

  • Sotono Elementary School from ████ - ████
  • Ōshima Junior High School from ████ - ████
  • Katsuta High School from ████ - ████
  • Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School ████ - ████.

Criminal Record[edit]

  • ██/██/████ - Assault charge filed by plaintiff ████████, with ████████ as witness. Found guilty.

  • ██/██/████ - Arrested at ████████ in suspicion of being a culprit in Case ███████ and interrogated.

  • ██/██/████ - After ███████████, ███████████ resurfaced and turned self into authorities at Setagaya City voluntarily confessing to Case ███████.


Detention served at Hachioji Juvenile Detention Center from ██/██/████ to ██/██/████. Tokyo Incident on ██/██/████ forced the detention center into lock-down status.

On ██/██/████, prisoner ███████████ found missing from cell and compound. No evidence has surfaced involving ███████████ due to complications with communications due to the Tokyo Incident.


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Tokyo Bombing[edit]

トリックスター's first active appearance correlate with shortly after the Tokyo Incident, lingering on the outskirts of Setagaya, Ikebukuro and Akihabara before settling on the outskirts of Kaidan. Individual has made several attempts to breach barriers. Initial attempts were met with little success The first known successful attempt was on ██/██/████, in which he made a successful entry.

Camera footage has been scarce but one of two pictures of トリックスター have surfaced, mainly around Zero's Wild Pachinko. It is unknown where individual's current residency is but given proximity, it is either within Kaidan or in the outer barrier due to トリックスター's lingering about the area. Whatever purposes of their action appears to be unknown and little is documented aside from occasional incoming data from AEGIS systen.

UPDATE: トリックスター made announcements of successful Agartha entry on ██/██/████. Tweets have indicated his travels to America but current location is unknown.


  • While he's managed to work on installing stolen Orochi tech for translation, he is still not a fully fluent English speaker. Thus his actual words might get mangled in speaking. Suspect translation at times is indicated both ways so it takes him a while to parse through people's sentences. His voice with helmet intact is an automated one translating his spoken phrases from within the helmet.
  • I'm a newbee RPer and thus would very much appreciate OOC communication involving powers and otherwise. My apologies for my own stumbling attempts at writing and RP. I however, wish to try my hardest not to upset people and have fun.

RP Hooks[edit]

  • Goes under the handle torikkuusuta on Twitter, so thus anyone who knows him there likely at least has some inklings of him here.
  • People who have recently been introduced to an individual named 黒河 暁 Kurokawa Satoru also know Trickster by default. This is a fake alias he using for safety precautions.
  • Does have a supernatural sight ability that does give him some basics into individuals and important items pertaining to them. Mostly in just that he'll see that a certain item is 'important' but won't know why. As for people, contact personally out of character to explain how it works. [Unless you are already aware of what this joke character turned serious is-- which then feel free to contact just to sort out which card he sees.]
  • Despite his actual character is working through early game, anyone who knows of Kaidan might perk his interest due to his former residency in Tokyo and adventures.
  • If you were in Setagaya City during the last year or so, ███████████ might be familiar to you.

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