Michael Graham Stone

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Played by: Unknown

Unknown Species, Unknown Gender, Unknown Age

Aliases: None known
Nationality: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
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Michael Stone was born in Kentucky on a rainy afternoon. His mother and father owned a restaurant that served all manner of southern food, and operated a farm to help supply it. Mike hated the farm, but grew up strong. As soon as he was able, he picked up a rifle and learned to hunt and stalk the Appalachian Mountains. By the time Mike was 14, he had bagged bigger game than most grown men. Equally impressive was the fact that Mike was a natural with numbers. He excelled in math and drafting and soon became interested in architecture. By the time he turned 18, he had a full scholarship to West Point.

Mike served 2 tours in Afghanistan as an officer in the engineering corps, building new buildings and blowing up old buildings. He often came under fire and learned to defend himself while doing something else. He was a good shot, but after nearly 3 years of heat, sunburn, and gunpowder, Mike was done with Afghanistan. Once he retired from the Army, Mike was approached by an agent of the Accelerate Corporation. Interested in his skills and his experience, they gave Mike a comfortable job designing buildings. What should have been a dream job turned into a nightmare for Mike. Stuck behind a desk, Mike slowly began to grow bored and frustrated with his job.

It was at this time that Mike was recruited into a low-level Illuminati filter program designed to recruit agents with great potential while minimizing risk to the Illuminati. Mike received an invite to work as an inspector for a federal enforcement agency ensuring builders complied with federal standards. Mike enjoyed the field work, and soon began to apply to the carefully selected “additional training classes” that were left for him to find. Mike’s skills as an investigator were carefully trained and honed as he worked to uncover more and more “builder related deficiencies” in his work. This was when it was decided to bring Mike further into the program.

Mike discovered a series of bodies taken from New York City and hidden within a few of the sites he was overseeing. The Illuminati organized evidence to be placed at the scene that implemented Mike as the killer, and he was quickly arrested and sentenced to life in prison. As Mike awaited to be transferred, the first major test of his skills was implemented. His vehicle he was being transferred in was in an accident that killed nearly all occupants of the car. This provided him a chance to escape, which he took. Mike fled the authorities and used his Federal contacts to get a copy of his evidence file. He followed the trail of breadcrumbs left to test him to the true source of the murders, the Illuminati.

Mike finally uncovered an Illuminati facility in New York, where he was detained. After 24 isolation, Mike was then tested by a pair of Illuminati Magi. They explained the situation to Mike, and how everything had been a test. He was given a choice. Join the Illuminati as an agent, or go back to prison and hope he managed to live out his life sentence. When asked why him, it was explained to Mike that he had all the skills the Illuminati looked for in an agent. He was strong, fast, intelligent, resourceful, and unflinchingly brutal when the need for it had arisen. They also explained to Mike what he had to gain from the Illuminati, and he agreed.

Once Mike had been inducted as an Initiate, he underwent a basic skills training to compliment his military and investigative training, and he also tested and found to be positive for magically active genes. He was trained in magical theory alongside supernatural combat and extra-natural investigation. Mike took to many of these skills quickly, and was soon graded as a full ranked agent. He was given a number of FBI, CIA, NSA, UN, and NATO credentials and was erased from public awareness.

Mike served as an agent inside law enforcement agencies for 2 years before the biological bomb went off in Tokyo. For reasons that are still under investigation, Mike was selected by Gaia to be one of her "Anti-Bodies" or “Bees”. Upon confirmation of that knowledge, Mike was ranked up to Special Agent and sent to be an asset for Kristen Geary.

Mike is a member of the Agnitio Cabal, serving as a coalition force of like minded members of the Secret World, seeking to uncover the truth about the things that go bump in the night. Mike is also placed high in several intelligence organizations and has contacts in nearly every western intelligence organization there is.

Mike is very accomplished as an elementalist mage, focusing on lightning. He is known to channel it directly into his body to give himself a speed boost of over 32x the average human speed. He's been clocked as going nearly 560 mph in short bursts. He also is able to enhance his reflexes, dodge bullets, catch grenades out of the air, and magically supercharge his firearms to accelerate his bullets to the same speed as a rail gun. Mike is able to enhance his firearms with ease, but increasing his physical limitations and speed is something he can only do in short bursts due to the mana strain and damage to his nerves. Luckily, as a bee and a magician, Mike has been able to rapidly heal from any nerve damage as long as he has time to recover.

In combat, Mike is a typical Agent. He prefers to keep his distance, using firearms and grenades to keep opponents pinned down. Mike has been ranked as an expert marksman in pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, and bolt action rifles. He's proficient in hand to hand combat, but his skills are recently acquired. In short, his kung fu is bad, but if he puts a 500 mph fist through your chest, he doesn't have to be that good.

Mike's greatest skill set, to the Illuminati, is his investigative abilities. He is trained by the FBI and Interpol and has a keen investigative mind. This hunger for truth helped him overcome his Illuminati initiation, and has helped him track down several problematic cults in North America and Egypt. Mike is especially known to hate the Phoenicians. The story about why is redacted.