Melissa Lang

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Played by: Lithicus2.0

Bee, female, 27

Aliases: "Employee #40993"
Nationality: American
Residence: New York
Employer: Unknown
Function: Former Corporate Security Analyst
Twitter: SW_nullvoid

After graduating college at the age of 22, majoring in Computer Sciences and Business Studies, Melissa Lang secured herself an internship with Scimitar Executive Services; a well-regarded New York-based corporate security firm with whom she'd been in contact sporadically over the course of her senior year. Having been quite an academic since childhood, she had felt that working in an office around technology was more in line with her expertise than the more customer-facing roles that even office-centric companies such as Scimitar required.

Over the course of the next five years, Melissa gradually rose up the ranks until she became a fully-fledged security analyst; able to be assigned cases and work through them unsupervised. Deciding to specialise in the cutting-edge field of cybercrime, she spent a lot more time at a computer than most. While her ability to maintain computers was somewhat limited, the training she received furnished her with everything she needed to know to properly and thoroughly investigate the matters presented to her.


If your character existed in TSW (The Secret World) before coming to SWL (Secret World Legends) -- how do you treat the transition? Are they exactly the same? Did they suffer memory loss? Are they some 'alternate reality' version of themselves?

Everyone knows someone. What groups, people, friends, and relatives does your character have ties to? Would other characters know them from a favorite hangout or a particular organization?


Without warning, without desire, without permission. That is how Melissa Lang would describe her entry into the Secret World. Ingesting a bee by pure random chance in the laundry room of her apartment building, the only thing that Gaia's gift brought her in the short term was a bout of illness. And, to make matters worse, the Illuminati were quick to catch wind of it. A project was doing the rounds in the hidden halls of the Labyrinth, after all. And who better to try it on than someone who lived alone?