Mariselle Ashley-Clairmont

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'Mari, Maris, Queen of Hearts'
Played by: Unknown

Human (bee), Female, 27

Aliases: None known
Nationality: French-Canadian
Residence: Montreal
Employer: unlisted (see spoilers)
Function: unlisted (see spoilers)

(Version .8)

Mariselle grew up a precocious young child in an estate outside Quebec city in Canada. Possessing a keen intelligence and an inquisitive mind from a young age, she was constantly exploring the grounds and getting into places where she wasn't supposed to be, her tiny face often covered in soot or dirt as she scrabbled around. She was rarely satisfied with the answers given to her by her parents or her private tutors and often drove them to tears in trying to explain concepts that other children readily got ('accepted' because they were told by an authority).

This rebellious streak would continue right throughout her schooling at a prestigious catholic boarding school for girls in the city where she would frequently challenge her instructors, posing them impossible problems and disrupting class by disproving theorems; at one point she posited a hypothesis that disproved Godel's Ontological Proof for the existence of God and got hkicked out of the school. Unknown to others, and probably to Mari herself, she did this because she wanted someone to disprove her, to pose enough of an intellectual challenge that she couldn't just coast by on her wits alone.

She met her match years later at the University of Toronto. After completing her Arts degree, Mari studied a double Masters in Chemical Engineering and Psychology under Dr Jordan Peterson, who taught her to analyse and engineer people-oriented solutions as well as she analysed and engineered everything else. This aroused a curiosity in the then nineteen year old. Excelling in her studies and graduating with a GPA of 9.98 she was headhunted by Lavi Biochem, a skincare and cosmetics company that was a front for another, much larger corporation ...

With her sharp, jade green eyes, neatly coifed platinum honey bun and flawless chocolate skin, Maris is elegance personified. Has a fondness for wearing distinguished classic clothing like corsets, lace jackets and the like when off duty or business attire such as branded corporate clothing when she's on duty. She usually wears designer clothing (Versace, Prada etc) and has a designer handbag, and is adorned by expensive jewellery.

Wears an unusual looking AEGIS device and an Elemental Focus on her belt. When in the field or on official business she typically packs a pair of Orochi pistols at her hips and either an Orochi autoloading shotgun or Tactical Carbine Rifle slung over her shoulder. If in public or civvies these are typically absent or hidden.

At her side is a large rottweiler with sleek, black fur and collar whom she affectionately calls Poochie (sometimes Duchess).

Personality: Despite being aristocratic and articulate to a fault, Maris is a sweetheart with a heart of gold. A lover not a fighter and a business person at heart more than a field operative (despite her talents with Magick), Maris loves sweet things (especially chocolate or muscato wine), is a big animal lover, and enjoys supporting a variety of social causes. She is egalitarian in nature and something of a champagne socialist. She speaks several languages fluently (notably English, French, Japanese and Korean), has a fondness for massage and other sensual activities and practices Reiki and other forms of energy healing.

Has a proclivity for calling people 'darling'.

- Mari is a lover not a fighter. Despite potent vulgar (read: obvious) magick, access to incredible gadgets and high technology solutions from her company and a combat capable dog, she's a business person first and foremost. She prefers people oriented or biotech solutions. That doesn't mean she can't defend herself but she typically prefers to avoid combat.

      • Spoiler Warning***

- She is not affiliated with the Illuminati.

- Mari is Orochi, one of the C-Suite Executive officers at Vali Corp and was reponsible for the company wide adoption of the "Vali Girl" motif and the "I'm a Vali Girl!" company aesthetic which has proven to be a huge branding hit for introducing more women to STEM research fields.

- Her dog is actually a prototype Vali Organic Filth Detection System that never saw mass production. Nicknamed Poochie by Mari (later Duchess) the rottweiler can smell filth and is genetically modified to the extent that he can take down dangerous filth threats that would normally require a field agent to handle.

- Wears a prototype AEGIS v0.4.4 system which does not require zone certification (e.g. Tokyo, Africa) to activate but is unstable in that it cannot maintain a single color for long. This makes it incredible at protecting her ... some of the time.

-Inside her jacket is a sleek, stealth looking satellite phone that connects Mari with the world and with Orochi when she's out in the field.

- Has extensive Orochi contacts, especially within Vali, and to other technology (especially biotech) firms worldwide. Also has strong ties with French-British aristocracy and executives within Manticore who often field test experimental compounds and combat drugs that Mari's personnel develop.

- While she doesn't fight much herself, Maris' has considerable support options available through her stealthphone. With it, she can access a variety of long recharge cooldowns (hours or days, rather than minutes), including requesting equipment, vehicles or manpower, or even calling in artillery or missile strikes in the field. This is her main source of IC 'combat power' and isn't really designed to be used on other players. Don't expect her to accept duels anytime soon ...

RP Hooks

- Ask her about biotech.

- Poochie (now Duchess) reek of Anima to the eyes of Bees and is another one of the prototype technologies that was assigned to Maris when she was ordered to report for field work at the start of the current crisis. She displays unusual intelligence for a dog, going so far as to show empathy for human beings and even understand human language. She is also combat capable, able to tackle targets bigger than her mistress despite her relatively small size.

- Show an interest in Poochie. She loves animals, but has a particularly soft spot for her silent eternal guardian.

- Recognise her French-Canadian accent

- Appear lost or like you need help.

- Recognise a certain T-shirt she sometimes wears.

- Show an interest in her equipment (most people don't have intelligent dogs, a prototype AEGIS system or a satphone that is basically an in-world cheat code)

- Speak to her in languages she knows.

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