Marcus Tholos

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Played by: Wraithedge

Bee, Male, Unknown Age

Aliases: Hexhaven
Nationality: No known Citizenship
Residence: Roaming
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
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What did he look like? I dunno mate. Average I guess. White bloke, about yay tall. Coat looked military a bit, but it wasn't camo or nuffin. I mean, he might have been... whats that... Mediterranean? Yeah? I mean, he had that sort of feel about him, ya know? But if he was then he was that kind that looks right white hey? Brown hair or somfin, I dunno, &^#% off.

Ian Allford, football enthusiast

He seemed quiet. Good with those pistols. When the bodies hanging under the bridge started to chew on their ropes he pulled down some chaos and I gave him my back. We cut a path to the wards. I lost him in the fog which was a shame. I was saving a dart just for him. So many questions.

Annie "Doublecross" Masters, Templar Agent

He was a terrible student. Smart jokes when he should be learning. Books of poetry when he should be studying. Making up verses from the top of the temple walls. Scandalous. He hid them, on scraps of paper, all around the monastery. The brothers are still finding them. Troublesome.

Master Ha-Yun, Dragon Trainer

He seemed to like me so I worked with that. He was a total sucker, bought my whole sob story like he was paying for it. And I was cheesing it up like crazy. No one can be that gullible. I think he just wanted to see if I really was some sort of trafficked Lithuanian girl with a Brooklyn accent and a powder problem. Would have had him too if that spirit hadn't showed up. And those guns I lifted from him were garbage. I still wonder who was playing who.

Maxine "Falsetart" Ellis, Illuminati Agent

I was sent to test him. To evaluate his resolve, his focus. I struck from hiding. I was fierce and unflinching. He never stood a chance. So when he looked up to me, blood on his face, eyes calm, and said "Did they tell you chaos was wild? Random? Its not. Chaos isnt' anything. Its everything. Even this."... I still cannot stop thinking about it. I still... struggle.

Jun "Bladelight" Park, former Dragon Agent

Whatever Scott says, the guy was totally into me. We were talking all about Wiccan retrocasting and recombinant rune lore and Scott just would not leave us alone. Later Scott said the guy was "ticking all the boxes" whatever that's supposed to mean. But then everything caught on fire, and he was gone and Scott is a big fat jerk and I want to be done with these questions.

Emily Rale, Applied metaphysics student