Addison Holt

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Played by: Mogwai

Mortal bee, Female, 25

Aliases: "Chagna"
Nationality: American
Residence: New York, NY
Employer: Illuminati
Function: Thaumaturge
Twitter: @blondigum

Addison remembers next to nothing of her birth parents. Gerald and Bethany Holt were arrested for making and selling methamphetamine when Addison was only three years old, and Addison was placed in Child Protective Services. She spent the next fifteen years of her life as a ward of the state of North Carolina, housed in various foster homes until she aged out of the system at eighteen. Despite good grades and a high IQ, Addison's bad attitude and lack of funds did not make for a particularly bright future. By the time she was twenty, Holt was already deep in debt, barely making ends meet despite three minimum wage jobs.

In 2012, Holt came in contact with a Bee, developing supernatural abilities at a rapid rate. She was quickly snatched up by the Illuminati, who agreed to pay Holt a hefty stipend in exchange for her loyalty, relocating her to New York. Holt found she greatly enjoyed her training and the environment provided by her new benefactors, and it wasn't long until she was a full fledged agent, dealing with the "Kingsmouth Situation."

When not engaged in her duties to the Illuminati, Holt has pursued her education, recently graduating from NYU with a bachelor's in English. She has expressed interest in continuing in this field, but has been forced to put these plans on hold given a recent uptick in activity.

Personality-wise, Addison remains largely unchanged, though there are elements taken from my old main, Kris "Hyjek" Ras, such as her blood magic focus.

Coming Soon

-Addison displays a particular affinity for blood magic.

-As far as mundane weapons go, Holt is partial to the assault rifle. She is a decent markswoman, but lacks the patience for aiming, preferring to simply focus on suppressing fire while she readies her next spell.

-While in Kingsmouth, Holt formed a bond with one of the ravens in the area, and has adopted the animal as a pet. Their name is Cheeto.