Lucille Paige

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Played by: LucyPaige

Human, Female, 35

Aliases: DJ Akonyte, Lu-Lu
Nationality: American
Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Employer: Council of Venice
Function: Council of Venice Investigative Service, Temple Hall Liaison

General Information:

  • Full Legal Name: Lucille Marie Paige
  • Date of Birth: August 13th, 1982
  • Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Known Relatives: Lenora Francis (mother), Atticus Paige (father), Judy Miller-Paige (sister), Reggie Miller-Paige (brother-in-law), Margaret Paige (paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Current Marital Status: Unmarried; in a Monogamous Relationship
  • Religious Affiliation: Refer to the section titled The Red Right Hand and Or'talhac'hna
  • Educational History:
    • Warren Easton Charter High School, attended 1996-2000, graduated
    • Georgia State University, attended 2000-2007, graduated with a Masters of Arts, Concentration in Literary Studies

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the A-T-L signal - RECEIVE - initiate the industrial cadence - WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE YOU WILL SUCCEED, BLUE - initiate the never serious protocol -- PUSH THE BUTTON, FRANK -- initiate the bloody priestess syntax -- WITNESS - Lucy Paige.

Parentage and Early Childhood:


Adulthood Prior to Societal Involvement:



According to a report filed by Reggie Miller-Paige as part of a joint investigation between Temple Hall and the Council of Venice, Lucille abruptly went missing late in 2015, and was presumed dead after an exhaustive search. In late September of 2017, Lucille resurfaced just as abruptly, showing signs of extreme fatigue, malnourishment, and prolonged exposure to the elements.

When questioned, Lucille divulged that she had been forcibly pulled into an alternate dimension by a hostile entity. Within this dimension, she was aggressively hunted for a period of months by this same entity, which she describes as an 'Old One,' with the alleged reason for this aggression stemming from her association with the deity Or'talhac'hna. Upon eluding the Old One, Lucille proceeded to wander this dimension in an effort to return to ours, eventually succeeding approximately two years after her initial disappearance. Lucille herself is unable to recall the exact method used to return to our dimension, citing incredible physical and psychological strain during the effort.

Lucille is currently undergoing reintegration into active duty for the Council of Venice, with cooperation from Temple Hall courtesy of Mr. Miller-Paige.

Further investigations into this yet-unexplored dimensional reality, as well as its resident Old One, are ongoing.


  • The Council of Venice
  • The Illuminati
  • The Templars


  • Terrah Paige (PC): Lucille and Templar asset Terrah Paige (then Terrah McAllistair) met early on in Lucille's involvement in the Secret War, and entered into a long-term romantic relationship soon afterwards. The pair were formally married in late-2015, however Lucille's disappearance and presumed death later that same year appears to have dissolved the union. Since Lucy's return, the two have resumed a strong platonic friendship.
  • Experiment Twelve (PC): Recently, Lucille appears to have entered into a romantic liaison with a curious individual known simply as Twelve. A known associate of the Orochi Group and the Illuminati-affiliated Toolbox, the amnesia-stricken woman seems to have caught Lucille's attention due to her memory loss, with this curiosity resulting in the two becoming intimately involved.
  • Russell Kobayashi (PC): As a result of Lucille's relationship to Terrah Paige, she also entered into an extremely close friendship with Venice agent Russell Kobayashi. This friendship has seen professional benefits for Lucille, as it was Mr. Kobayashi's assistance that enabled Lucille to transfer from the Illuminati to a formal posting with the Council of Venice. They were known to be very close up until Lucille's disappearance and presumed death in late 2015, though it is unknown if this friendship has since been rekindled.
  • Reggie Miller-Paige (PC): Mr. Miller-Paige is Lucille's brother by marriage, and is husband to Lucille's younger sister, Judy. He and Lucille are known to have a strong bond, and as a result he has served as the primary point of contact for Lucille's re-integration into the societies. From a professional standpoint, Mr. Miller-Paige is an agent of the Templars, primarily serving as handler to lower-level field agents.

Statistics (as of most recent medical evaluation):

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 142lbs
  • Hair: Black / Light Brown
  • Eyes: Green


Starting with her face, perhaps Lucille's most notable feature is her makeup. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick are all applied liberally, mostly black save for the occasional use of deep reds and maroons to paint her lips. During her tenure with the Illuminati and through much of her early stint with the Council of Venice, the eyeliner on her left eye would often trail out from the corner in a long flick, ending in a small Illuminati pyramid drawn on her temple. This no longer seems to be performed.

She is adorned with piercings: a nose ring on her left nostril, lip ring on her lower lip, another piercing on her right eyebrow, and at least three piercings along each ear. Lucille's hair, though naturally a light or dusty brown, is nearly always dyed black and conditioned to a sheen. Her bangs are generally left to fall free above her brows in a straight-cut manner akin to pop culture icon Bettie Page, while the rest is tied back. Left to fall free, her hair would reach between her shoulderblades in length.

Lucille is of a fairly slim figure, though hardly toned or muscular. Hips and bust are moderately proportioned, and much of her height is attributed to her long legs. Her skin is very pale, and is either unable to tan or has not been tanned as a result of lifestyle. Her nails are generally painted black, with fingers often adorned with random arrangements of rings.

Since her recent return to active duty, Lucille's right hand has taken on an unusual and highly distinguishable pigmentation. The skin is a deep, rusty red running from fingertips to halfway up her forearm, and veins appear to have been replaced or mutated in the discolored area, with bright, translucent ruby lines being readily visible just under the skin. For more information, please see the section pertaining to Lucille's affiliation with the entity known as Or'talhac'hna.

Lucille's choice of wardrobe is nearly entirely comprised of informal black clothing, with greys, whites, and the very occasional spot of deep color accenting outfit choices. Long military-style boots are her exclusive choice of footwear, and she tends to prefer light coats and long sleeves. She's also seldom seen without some form of collar or choker.

In addition to strikingly pale skin, Lucille is also covered in tattoos: full sleeves, chest, ribs, back, and thighs. The content of these tattoos consists mostly of an assortment of 50s horror movie references, vines, crows, Hunter S. Thompson quotes, Jolly Rogers, and comic book superheroes. Particularly notable tattoos include:

  • A lower-back piece depicting television personality Elvira in an art style reminiscent of Catholic prayer candles;
  • A piece under her ribcage to the left depicting a recreation of a famous Spider-Man comic book cover, originally drawn by artist Todd MacFarlane;
  • A piece within the crook of her right elbow showing influencial occultists Anton LaVey & Aleister Crowley spooning in the nude;
  • A piece on the nape of her neck depicting the shield of comic book hero Captain America with an anarchist 'A' symbol drawn over it; and
  • A quote from Hunter S. Thompson that begins on her inner left thigh and is continued on her inner right thigh that reads "Which is interesting because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can't control it. You approach the turnstiles and know that when you get there, you have to give the man two dollars or he won't let you inside."

To describe Lucille's personality as 'outsized' would not do it justice. According to Mr. Miller-Paige, who has spent significant time around Lucille via his relationship to her sister, she is typically very boisterous and jovial, seldom seen in social settings without a wide smile, loud talk, and louder laughter. Her peers in the Council of Venice similarly described Lucille as a friendly and exuberant individual, often to a fault. In regular conversation, Lucille appears to have a compulsion for tangents and joking asides, and many who have interacted with her have described her relatively stream-of-conscious manner of speaking as being difficult to follow. She has also been witnessed in conversation having apparent bouts of forgetfulness as a result of this winding, seemingly overexcited speech pattern.

While quick to strike up conversation and make friends in casual situations however, Lucille does appear to make a clear distinction between casual and close friendships, seeming to keep a deliberate arm's length to most through her wisecracking and peculiar speech patterns, but becoming much more grounded and candid to those who earn her trust. Similarly, while she is often seen as generous to most, she is particularly protective of those who manage to become part of her close social sphere. Lastly, while Lucy often presents herself as easygoing and highly agreeable, she has also exhibited a tendency to suddenly and drastically break contact and shy away from those who have caused her emotional distress. These behaviors seem consistent with a prior history of abuse within close relationships.

In the field, Lucille continues to maintain her outward appearance of easygoing joviality, much to the frustration of a few agents who have worked with Lucille and perceived this as being lackadaisical and inattentive. Her record, however, shows that despite this facade she is prompt and meticulous in her work, producing professional results despite a less-than-professional demeanor.

When left to her own devices, Lucille is known to partake in a number of hobbies, including a fondness for a wide array of geek culture mainstays: comic books, television, cartoons, and movies. In particular, she has a fondness for so-called 'so bad it's good' movies and vintage horror and science fiction (in conversation, she has cited the cult television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 as her favorite show). As an expression of this fondness for geek culture, Lucille is known to be a regular at various comic book and pop culture conventions around the continental United States. She is also an avid participant in local goth, fetish, and industrial music scenes around her hometown in Atlanta, both as a knowledgeable fan and an organizer of events. In keeping with her fondness for these subcultures, Lucille also has an expressed interest in morbid subject matter such as criminology, historical atrocities, and medical anomalies. Lastly, Lucille has also been known to spend much of her free time engaged in various social justice activities, particularly as they involve LGBTQ+ rights and feminism.

Having a working knowledge of these subcultures is often key to understanding Lucille's tangential, reference-laden manner of speaking. Be advised.

While Lucille demonstrates considerable supernatural abilities when operating in the field, she did not obtain her powers as a result of encountering a Bee, and does not utilize anima to manifest her abilities. Rather, her powers appear to manifest as part of her involvement in a religious cult centered around an apparent Outer God named Or'talhac'hna. The details surrounding this religious affiliation and its inner-workings are sparse, as Lucille is its only known living active adherent to date, and records kept by previous adherents are extremely rare and closely guarded. Additionally, as is often the case with such cosmic deities, some details are simply beyond the understanding of mortal human beings.

The details that are known are recorded here as part of a joint investigation by the Council of Venice and Temple Hall.


At the center of this curious religious cult is its deity, the cosmic entity known as Or'talhac'hna. As with most names assigned to cosmic beings of this nature, both spelling and pronunciation are approximations based on the physical limits of human speech and writing. Per Lucille's description, this entity identifies as female, and does not have a definitive physical form. However, Lucille did state that in most of her interactions with the alleged goddess, it appeared to her in a form that can best be described as a vague hybrid between a common cuttlefish and an extinct Cambrian arthropod relative known by the genus Anomalocaris. In keeping with this description, the deity's 'head' carries numerous tentacle-like appendages. At the center of these appendages appears to be a void or wormhole, which occasionally carries a silhouetted humanoid form or an alarming pictograph of an eye turned sideways at its center.

While the pantheon of cosmic deities and their relationships to one another are often regarded as vague and open to numerous interpretations, Lucille has been able to provide some context as to just where this Or'talhac'hna fits in. Primarily, She appears to serve as a keeper to the slumbering Old Ones (going on the hypothesis that Old Ones comprise a lower caste of cosmic deities below what are known as the Outer Gods), ensuring that they remained lulled to sleep either indefinitely or until some yet-unknown predetermined moment. For this reason, Or'talhac'hna utilizes Her priestesses to suppress any signs of an Old One awakening or stirring, in particular eliminating the physical manifestations of the Old Ones' dreams (what we colloquially refer to as 'the Filth'). Lucille has described numerous prior instances of encountering Filth where she felt bouts of hyper-aggression towards Filth entities specifically and increased physical prowess, which appears to be due almost entirely to her role as a servant to this alleged deity.

Or'talhac'hna also appears to serve a secondary role in the pantheon of cosmic deities by tending what is known as the 'Garden of the Flesh' or the 'Crimson Garden' based on the text and translation being referred to. According to Lucille, this 'Garden' is defined as the genetic lineage of living things on Earth and presumably other planets or dimensions. Lucille was quick to clarify that this does not make Or'talhac'hna any sort of divine 'creator,' though She does appear to have some difficult-to-define hand in cultivating life on ours and potentially other worlds. The exact reason for this cultivation is unknown, and Lucille herself has been unable to confirm whether the end-goal of this action will be beneficial or harmful to us as a species.

The Priestesses of the Garden, or 'The Red Right Hands'

As a means of carrying out Her will on the physical plane, Or'talhac'hna has been known to imbue some individuals with some measure of power, essentially drafting these individuals to serve as Her priestesses. The exact means of selection is unknown, but based on the information provided by Lucille, it appears to be based more on heredity rather than specific selection of chosen disciples. The Paige family, for example, appears to have had several priestesses dating back centuries, though their activities were usually overlooked as withcraft, eccentricity, or general occult curiosity. Prior to Lucille, her paternal grandmother Margaret Paige carried the mantle of a priestess of Or'talhac'hna.

Unlike most cults and religious organizations, the priestesses of Or'talhac'hna have no centralized organization and no leadership beyond Or'talhac'hna Herself. Training and initiation occur in the form of gradually obtaining knowledge through genetic memory as the priestess ages, further lending to the notion that selection to become a priestess is based on heredity moreso than deliberate selection. As a result, priestesses are unaware of one another, and in most cases do not appear to ever interact.

Some details provided by Lucille also seem to indicate that other species of a certain level of intelligence can also become priestesses.

When fully initiated, priestesses of Or'talhac'hna can be readily identified by a distinct physical mutation of the right forearm. Beginning at the fingertips and running almost midway up the forearm, the skin pigmentation of the right hand changes to a deep, rusty red color, with fingernails exhibiting a darker shade of this same rust-red. The veins of the hand take on a mild bioluminescent quality, and are visible under the skin as bright ruby tracks. Interestingly, this mutation of the hand appears to have been recorded at least once in literature, with Milton describing a red hand of God in Paradise Lost as a representation of His divine vengeance. This, in turn, influenced contemporary musician Nick Cave when writing the song that would become "Red Right Hand." Owing to Lucille's curious pop culture obsessions, this association has led to "red right hand" becoming the accepted colloquial term for Or'talhac'hna's priestesses.

As far as their supernatural capabilities, red right hands appear to draw from Or'talhac'hna's vague dominion over genetic matter in order to enact Her will. As described by Lucille, red right hands are capable of freely manipulating blood, bone, and other living tissue as a result of their connection to the genetic material it's made from. This allows red right hands to both violently deform or even deconstructed living beings at-will, or rapidly heal the wounded. The full limits of these powers are yet-unknown, though Lucille has indicated that the power possessed by red right hands rises and falls with the needs of their matron deity. At times, red right hands are potentially capable of acts of mass destruction if Or'talhac'hna deems there to be a large enough threat to the Old Ones' slumber, while the baseline strength of red right hands would seem to be no greater than the average Bee.

Your character may have encountered Lucy if:

  • Your character is a resident of the city of Atlanta, GA, or has spent significant time there. In particular, the following events and activities local to Atlanta would greatly increase the chances of your character encountering Lucy:
    • Attending DragonCon, Frolicon or other major geek-culture/alternative lifestyle conventions.
    • Attending goth or industrial dance parties, where Lucy is a regular DJ under the moniker DJ Akonyte.
    • Reading small independent LGBTQ+ magazines or engaging in LGBTQ+ activism.
  • Your character is an active agent for the Council of Venice.
  • Your character has considerable knowledge of, interest in, or prior dealings with eldritch, 'Lovecraftian' deities.

You may wish to engage in RP with Lucy if:

  • You have interest in a character of yours being a red right hand. I am certainly open to there being more red right hands than just Lucy, and would be glad to chat about potential expansion of the order.

Lucy's faceclaim is musical performing artist Nyxx (with substantial Photoshop retouches to account for Lucy's obscene number of tattoos). Her voiceclaim would be that of a much raspier Rashida Jones.

Much like Secret World Legends, Lucy is rated 'M' for 'Mature.' Topics that have come up in RP during her time in the game include illicit drug use, numerous sexually provocative concepts, substantial use of foul language, as well as more serious subjects like spousal abuse and mental illness. She is not a character with much of a filter, and it would be appreciated if players who engage in more than passing RP with Lucy be 18 or older as a result.

In keeping with her described power set as a red right hand, Lucy is played exclusively as a Blood/Elemental DPS character for the purposes of game content. A Blood-oriented healing build may be considered once she reaches maximum level.