Lucid Nytemare

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Played by: Unknown

Unknown Species, Currently She/They pronouns, ∞

Aliases: None known
Nationality: Gaian
Residence: World's End Commune, Savage Coast. Boathouse located in Kaidan
Employer: Quantum State Radio
Function: Dj [REDACTED]

Upon waking up from the sleep chamber within the Nursery in Romania, not much else is known. Case #[REDATCED] personality changed after several months of dream studies done on the test subject of a Chosen One. Experimental ways to cleanse filth into anima by utilizing the unconscious soul of a person tethered to a bee. Mysteriously waking up with hair that moves on it own and red eyes the person now calls themselves Lucid Nytemare. Many efforts have been tried to investigate further and have failed.

Lucid has been oddly found within all factions depending on what is causing conflict. Seemingly a Balancer.

She recalls the shift clearly. This must not be the first time she has had to escape/jump from another dimension.

Dj for Quantum State Radio

Highly immune to Hellbound and the Filth. Master of chaotic, dimensional, and elemental magic.