Lee Jong-dae

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Played by: Min

‘enhanced’ human with bonus bee, Male, 21

Aliases: Jiaheng, Lee Min-jun
Nationality: Gwangju, South Korea / Tokyo, Japan
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Employer: Sycoil R&D
Function: Trans-Dimensional Phenomena and Energies
Twitter: @itsjiaheng

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see..

TRANSMIT - initiate the Oppenheimer protocols - RECEIVE - initiate the Vali programming - SHADOWS WHISPER THROUGH TWISTED CORNERS - initiate the Dark Mother's nursery rhyme - BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW - flip the Judgment card syntax - WITNESS - Lee Jong-dae

Scanning... Scanning...

Southward. The housing projects. Orochi grows children like crops from the fields of family. These are GMO. These are by design. Children are picked for special purposes. The unripe are discarded. What's in a name, sweetling? Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. Lee Min-Jun is dead.

Zoom in...

See the Happy Smiles Kindergarten. Vali-run. Seeking... Seeking... They are the Children of Orochi. Eight parents are better than two. The best and brightest selected. They went to the tower. Look in the mirror. See the reflection in the pool. Do you see? Welcome to the Ward.

What happened here? Why did the Orochi tinker with the building blocks of children? We see, even if you don't. Incident reports hide vicious deaths. Spiral galaxies painted on white walls. The medium? Bone and blood and meat. Flesh torn like wet tissue paper. Ripped at the seams. Scattering the molecules. Beautiful fission. He has eyes that glow in the dark. Beware the fallout.

Intercepting voice recording... "Hello and welcome. You've reached the Fear Nothing Foundation. Free your potential. See what lies trapped under your fear."

What is time to us? We stand outside. Everything has happened. Everything will happen. Everything is happening. Witness the paradoxes. Everything exact. Everything as instructed. No individual variance. Violators will be cast into solitude. Programming complete.

He knows what lies under the fear. He has held hands with the Shadow, one he won’t leave behind on the floor.

Scanning... Scanning...

There is more, sweetling. Stand at the crossroads. What'll it be? The high road or the left hand path? He's sprung a leak. Corrupted anima spills. They box him in but he only fractures more. The whispers come. Do you hear? He hides in the sounds but now there is nothing, nothing, nothing but silence and glass. They look through him. They know what strings to pull, which wires to cut. The timer ticks down faster.

Enter the variable. The harmony frequency. Will you flip the card, sweetling? We see you.

Scanning... Scanning...

Behold the Emperor’s Judgment, sweetling. Collared, tamed. God's in his heaven, all's right with the world.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see..

TRANSMIT - initiate the aberrant signal - RECEIVE - initiate the nuclear winter effect - HE IS RETURNING THROUGH THE DARK - swallow the brain pathogen grammar - ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HATCH - flip the zero-point syntax - WITNESS - Judgment, Reversed

Enlightenment hurts, sweetling. For some the pain is a comfort. The ache in overworked muscles, torn fibres soon mended. What was broken, now made stronger. He tasted our wisdom and found it sweet.

Behold, sweetling. See the cards in play? Laid out but never fixed. Never, never, never fixed. What happens if we move them? If this was there and that was here would anything change at all? Do the fates control the cards or do the cards control the fate?

Do you want to play a game? Flip the Judgment, sweetling and listen to our tale.

What do you get the boy who knows everything?

He went looking all the same. Dove into the heart, waded into the dream. Tapped into the reptile brain, into that which slumbers beneath. He walked the path to understanding and came to the end. And in the end he was found wanting.

H҉̡̖̘͎͘E̼͈̺͖L̲̟͇͓ͅL͍̱̺̯̮̣̝Ó̥̗̣͘͞ ̪̺̞̱̖̗̣̞͔́̀͟D̸͕͍͈͕̜̯͚͠͠À̞̰̺͍̹̯̞͠R̠͕̦̺̘̩͓͡Ḳ̞͙̥̱͉͢͞N̛̗͓̙̗̰̦͟È͔͓̙̻̤̫̰͟S͏̖̻̤̻̰͢S͕̫̘͠ͅ ̸̡͓̙̻̺͇M̶̡̝̩͔̬͈̠͉̱Y̸̢͇̩̹̱͖ ͏̮͎͖̩O̧̥͖͚L̷̴̙̮̳D͓̲̞ ̻͙̙̪F̧̧͓͔͈̣͈̺̭̭R҉̜̪̠͚͉I̜̜̫̮̘͢͡E̘̼̘͟͞N͏̴̧͙̤̱̘̦̪ͅD̥̺̯͞

He faced every miserable question.

What are you? Scared.

Hello, Scared. I’m Brave.

Accepted that his parents had gone. Sold him, likely? Wonder if Father bought a car with the profit. He could get a nice one now, seating for two. Brought to you by the blue-eyed demon.

Confirm the empty existence. Isolated? Ostracised? What’s the difference? We witnessed him survive this world alone, sustained by an idea. As long as the others were close, he wasn’t truly alone. He was never alone as long as he had the option. He never took that option, just believed in its existence. That if he only spoke up they would welcome him. He feared the tank because the tank left no room for lies.

There were no tanks at Fear Nothing. Wasn’t that convenient? And once again he had his option, at least until he left. He fled into the night and the others left their shadows on the floor.

Except the ones that didn’t.

He could see it, sweetling. Like recognises like. Kindred spirits, kindred souls. They say victims have a way of picking each other out of a crowd. When they took her, he knew, and he started to forget. He knew all their names but then he forgot, at least until fate brought him there again.

Then he saw her again. The one called Sachiko. He played her game, just like others. Pretended like her pale, pale ghost didn’t know he was there. Pretended for the others that he didn’t see bony fingers close around his throat every time he shut his eyes. Pretended like one of the voices in his head hasn’t been hers since the day she went away.

Now the boy remembers.

The one called Yuichi was a lost cause and so the boy moved on. He listened to the others. He heard them speak of the Signal. Of the one they called John. Filed it all away. He saw the way they feared it but he remembers where he read the name, scrawled on a computer screen in black and white. Once again he believed he could see -- like recognising like. Kindred spirits, kindred souls. Victims united.

̮̩̮͎͖͉̳́͟͜I͝͏̢̰̜̣̯̬̳͕'̢͚͇͙V̞̘E̷̘̥̰̞̹͖̱̹ͅ ͏̼̘C̸͈͎͍̲̘̺̠͎O̶̡̠̰M͙̰̀̕E̴̻̳̜͖̟͢͜ ̭̝̼̙T̨̲̼̜͕͖̼̫̺͜͡Ǫ̙̙̪̮̭̱̬́ ̡͚͎T̗̫͟͜͠A̘͓͖͈̫͘͘L̵̸̛̺̩̼̳̥̳K͓̱̀͠ ̘̙̙W̷̷͓̬͝I̩T̠͈́H̸̻͈̳̫̟̦͡ ̢͇̤̼̭͞Ý̬O̶͇̞̘̟̲͙̻̯̤͞U͏̹̜ ̸̨̱̼A̡͍̕͠G̡̭̳̪̩̩͚̞͚͚Ạ̡̗̯͚͔̥͞I̸͏̷̞̼̭̥͈͎͚̻ͅŅ̯̲

The boy thought himself fearless. The others said the Signal liked to dig in, claw its way in deep. Read you like a book. Uncover what you like to keep buried. But he knew what lived in the dark. He knew the Shadow. Stood shoulder to shoulder with it. There was nothing to be found that he didn’t know himself.

Or was there?

He went up to that red-red room and with him he carried no weapons. Only intending to extend the hand of peace. Willing to hear his story. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Enter the variable. The discordant syntax. Breathe deep, taste the black dust and oil. The card has already been flipped. And now we observe.

Witness the crawling, crawling poisonous veins.

Do you want to know how the tale ends, sweetling?

Behold the Judgment, Reversed.

Jong-dae isn’t a terribly large person. He’s about 5’9 (175 cm) and 143 lbs. (65 kg) and what muscle he has is very lean and wiry and difficult to define as actual ‘muscle’ compared to a much stronger, more athletic person. His power comes from his abilities and he never ideally has to ever touch a person in a fight so he doesn’t exactly worry about being in peak physical condition.

He has silver hair and pale lavender eyes -- both of which are naturally occurring (or about as natural as the circumstances that caused those features in the first place). Both are assumed to be side effects of the abilities he was born with. His eyes glow with an inner light that is tied directly to his energy levels, meaning they will appear dimmer the weaker he is.

As his personality is concerned, Jong-dae has been described in a number of ways and has also changed quite a bit in the two years since he left Tokyo. While he used to be far more “difficult” or “irritable” or simply just a brat, he has been able to grow into a much more upbeat and laid back person. He is curious and will often engage others simply to satisfy that. Possessing a fondness for memes and silliness, he incorporates these often in conversing -- both online and off.

Where more serious matters are concerned he is strongly opinionated about things and not afraid to express it -- usually through snark or sarcasm. Some people find this amusing. People he likes tend to be spared the worst of it, though he teases even those individuals -- but it is a much more good-natured sort of teasing. Those he doesn’t care for are given the harshness.

He has a rather defensive attitude in regards to Orochi despite his start. He is quite vocal in support of “good” Orochi -- both agents as well as projects. He disagrees with those that speak out against Orochi regardless of their reasons why, feeling that those that would paint all Orochi with a broad brush are wrongly ignoring the facts and seeing only the negative. He understands the hatred of their darker projects, but does not appreciate those with an attitude that casts blame on the entire organisation as a whole.

Lee Jong-dae is not and has never been his real name.

In fact, he was born Lee Min-jun, the son of a South Korean father and a Japanese mother. The name Jong-dae actually belonged to his father and means “Great Bell” in the Hanja it is written in. His mother was Iwasa Mizuki. Both were Orochi employees.

The first years of his life were about as normal as one can expect life in the Orochi housing projects to ever be. It was clear from even then that there was something different about him but it wouldn’t be until the aptitude test he was given as a child that his potential would truly be measured. He scored remarkably high for someone of his age and was recommended for immediate placement at an Orochi facility known on the record only as “The Ward”.

The Ward was, in effect, another Amity House. Much as its counterpart was hidden away, so too was The Ward buried and hidden from those who might wish to find it -- if they even knew it existed.

While Amity House was girls-only, The Ward was home to only the boys chosen as part of the project. Children were selected for a variety of reasons and were administered experimental drug compounds developed by Vali for the purposes of expanding and enhancing their preternatural abilities.

Unlike Amity House, the children did not retain their original identities. This may have been because of the nature of the experiments. The girls at Amity House were, on average, older and therefore too old to take to the sort of indoctrination the younger subjects were exposed to.

As such, young Jong-dae -- then Min-jun -- forgot his own name and instead learned to respond to his official designation: Subject Twenty.

The two compounds used on Jong-dae are on the record as formulas VALI-PE72 and VALI-PA47. Both had seen prior testing on adults for similar purposes but it was discovered that if the drugs were used in individuals whose minds and bodies had already matured beyond a point it would result in rather unpleasant consequences. Young, developing children, however, seemed to respond quite well, or about as well as could be expected given the circumstances.

These experimental drugs -- as one might expect -- did have quite a few side effects. Along with many of the others, Jong-dae suffered from migraines, nosebleeds, nightmares, insomnia, and hearing voices. Many of these effects persist even now in the present day.

Whether or not the various incidents involving loss of control and violence were a result of the drug therapy or Jong-dae’s own personality at the time are debatable.

Later in life, Jong-dae was removed from the Ward and relocated to Tokyo where he was sent to the Fear Nothing Foundation located in the heart of Kaidan. He lived there among several familiar names -- John, Sachiko, Yuichi -- but after the bombing incident he escaped during the chaos and for a long time forgot the exact details of that time. As far as he could recall up until the point of his return to Tokyo he had only been exposed to the FNF's 'teachings' during his stay at the Ward.

It wasn't until he revisited the FNF headquarters that the memories began to return, for better or worse.

With the chaos of the ‘Tokyo Incident’ going on, Jong-dae seized his opportunity to make his escape. He had tried to do so with others but by the end had abandoned those who were supposed to escape with him. All he could see was freedom whereas many of them lingered for one reason or another and he refused to lose what was likely his only good shot at it for what he deemed ‘sentimental garbage’. Despite the Filth threat he did quite well for himself, surviving on what he could loot.

Eventually he was found by D’ante Lewis of Orochi and while he did not trust the man at first things began to change. D’ante was present when he got his Bee, enduring the week long ordeal as Jong-dae underwent the changes. He knew D’ante wanted at times to consult Vali but he begged him not to because he didn’t want to be returned to the Ward. It was only recently that he became aware of the legal battles and arrangements made by D’ante to allow Jong-dae to remain with him rather than being returned to the Vali facility.

Over time, the relationship between Jong-dae, D'ante, and others who associated with the Kusanagi Initiative began to grow from a purely work-related situation to something that became a small adoptive family. This had a profound effect on Jong-dae's entire demeanour and outlook on life. Eventually, he was offered a largely research-based position within Sycoil. Despite his upbringing and what has recently come to light about the Orochi Group he has no reservations about his associations or doubts about the nature of his work.

He has a particular score to settle with a few individuals who would fall on the “Reverse” side of Orochi.

His primary known associations involve the Orochi Group. [ This section will grow continually through IC interaction ]

Jong-dae’s powers involve manipulation of space-time (or reality, depending on how one wants to look at it). He uses a chaos focus to strengthen it but even without he is quite powerful. Many would describe it simply as chaos magic but there are notable differences as well as areas the two would cross over.

In his own words, Jong-dae describes his abilities to be a bit like Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, particularly in his ability to deconstruct (and occasionally reconstruct) things. That is the most dangerous application of his ability as he is capable of influencing matter down to the atomic level. Used on a living thing, this tends to have sudden, fatal outcomes. He is also able to create “clones” of himself by pulling in other versions from alternate universes/timelines at will.

He is extremely powerful and understandably dangerous, but his most destructive tendencies have been mitigated by the positive influences others have had on him.

Jong-dae is also a very skilled hacker as well as a gamer. He has made money in gaming tournaments which some consider to be cheating considering one of his abilities involves an almost unconscious understanding of probabilities. He is able to consider potential outcomes (short term) on the fly and react accordingly. This is not a “future telling” ability nor does it mean he never makes mistakes. He can’t see too far ahead and the clarity is limited. However, it does help him better predict the actions others might take in a fight or a game.

He lacks any real formal education despite being fluent in three languages -- English, Korean, and Japanese. Most of his “education” is how he’s viewed the world through the lens of movies. His understanding of history is terrible as a result.

  • The player lives in the Eastern US Time Zone.
  • Played-by / Face Claim credit is Im Changkyun (I.M of Monsta X)