Kirann Talmere

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Played by: Kira

Bee, Female, 21

Aliases: None known
Nationality: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: Kirann_Talmere

( still updating )

Kirann is the only child of Dame Catherine “[redacted]” Talmere; Her mother had high hopes for her daughter and enrolled her in a private school , ran by the Templars from an early age. Like the Talmere woman of the past, Catherine Talmere’s Husband died , due to xxxx[redacted]xxxx; The case was official closed by Templar Court .

Kirann early life was not easy as her mother strongly believed in taking every moment to teach her daughter how harsh life would be. This resulted in numerous trips to xxxx[redacted]xxxx ;

In a moment of rebellion Kirann turned away from the Templar's to join the Illuminati; this infuriated her mother and resulted in a rather nasty family quarrel that ended with Dame Catherine Talmere Disappearing. Official investigations led by xxxx[redacted]xxxx . Case still open.

More to come in the next few weeks

The quarrel between mother and daughter continued for several years, where it was proven that Dame Talmere ran a xxx[redacted]xxx group. Location of the group is unknown at this time and presumed dead. Kirann was also known to have been employed by the CIA, as a xxx[redacted]xxx; she is credited with creating a fully autonomous A.I. , named Eva , who handled numerous tasks and operations .

It is believed that Kirann had learned of a way to permanently xxx[redacted] chosen of xxx[redacted]xxx; Kirann, joined with a group called Cerberus Solutions for some time ; until she met a woman that went by the Name Jade xxx[redacted]xxx; She disappeared for a while only to reappear in a rather naïve state. The whereabouts of her former Girlfriend cannot be obtained.

Kirann continued to work for a shadow organization while dating and marrying a xxx[redacted]xxx; Kirann wife disappeared and has never been seen again; Kirann doesn’t speak much about this time , but there are numerous others that seem to know what happened.

Kirann went to work with a Organization called Necessary Evil ; tending to day to today work while helping them in her unique skill set. She has no official ties to any Faction, but is always under the watchful eye of the Illuminati . Her mental state has deteriorated due to several attacks on her during operations in Transylvania and Tokyo.

Currently Kirann is living in London in a private flat, She is still under the care of Veda “Vormaerin” Bennington-Farrell and has her own room at the Bennington-Farrell’s home in N.Y.C.

Any and all medical concerns should be directed to the above .

More to come in the next few weeks

More to come in the next few weeks

Her Aura is a mix of utter darkness, crimson red, and a soft golden aura. Her own Aura seems to feed on the Anima of others around her. Only those very sensitive or true chosen of Gaia could even feel the subtle pull her Aura has. She is always surrounded by glimpses of shadows that seem to move around her on their own.

She is unaware that this happens or is going on ; it is my own personal defensive against those that that try to god mode me with how powerful they are . At no time does Kirann Aura hurt anyway.

those that can read minds should do so with extreme caution as Kirann's mind is a mixture of rage, pain and struggle .

While she might come off as an airhead , she is not. She is naive due to over three years of rp , two deaths, abuse from one person and the lose of those she loved .

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