Katherine Grey

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Played by: Riddled

Vampire, Female, 22

Aliases: Tachyon
Nationality: American
Residence: Unknown
Employer: Illuminati
Function: Magician
Twitter: {{{twitter}}}

Katherine’s first feature to be noted is her very pale skin, which borders on an unhealthy white. Her light grey eyes come second, together with her pale blond hair they do very little to give her any natural form of color. Outside of that there isn’t much to make her stand out, with a just-above-average height of 5’6 and slim build. She usually seems to be genuinely at ease, wherever she is, and is soft-spoken.

Some tidbits that you could note in case you pay attention to details or meet Katherine often enough:

  • Appearance clearly matters to her. She usually wears light make-up in the form of some blush to give her face more color and eyeliner to bring out her eyes more. Her hair is well taken care of and her clothes are neatly kept. She also makes a clear effort to stay in shape, as is proven by her figure.
  • She has a cool touch. Cool as in room temperature instead of body temperature, not cool as in icy cold.
  • She rarely is without her pistol, an FN Five-seveN. On most occasions, she will wear it subtly for as far as her clothes allow, not waving it around while not exactly hiding it either. Subtly not being possible, she’ll either wear it openly if possible, and only go without if that’s the only choice, assuming that doesn’t mean she has it hidden on her somewhere.

Katherine is a vampire. Outside of her pale skin there are little obvious giveaways as to this fact however, and her pale skin by itself could result from other things. If you spend long enough around her, you may catch onto some more subtle hints (rarely showing a lot of skin/often wearing sunglasses, more of a nocturnal person, having lived for a considerable time, etc.), but again likely no dead giveaways unless something comes up in a conversation. Outside of her telling you, you are most likely to find out about it when digging up information on her - it is not a secret she's a vampire, just not something she waves around - or by being able to sense that she is a mix between human and demon.

Also there’s some weird particle activity going on around her, consisting of superluminal particles with a pure imaginary mass. The particles themselves are very hard to detect, but their side effects aren’t (relatively speaking): very minor fluctuations in the potential of the Higgs field (and thus the vacuum expectation value) and tachyonic condensation creating decaying Higgs bosons.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT – initiate tachyonic signal – RECEIVE – initiate Tolman’s paradox – DO YOU HEAR THE FUTURE SING? – initiate apex prerogative – THERE WILL BE BLOOD – initiate quantum immortality – WITNESS – The Blood Song

Breathe. Tune the radio telescope of your abdomen in to the hyperwave frequencies. Stretch out your anima-antennas. Shhhhhh…

LISTEN – the echoes of your futures.

Can you hear it at the edges of your conscious mind? The orchestra of all that is to come, reverberations thundering back down the quantum foam. The scream of despair you will make as you fall of a cliff this evening.

Be not afraid, sweetling. Be not terrified either. We suggest you simply pay heed to the warnings of your future selves and avoid the agonies of terminal velocity meeting rock bottom.

Not all futures are set in stone, your scream is but from one of many futures. Wrap yourself in the comfortable ignorance of your three-dimensional world, away from negative energy in the vacuum gap between uncharged conducting plates, away from the quantum fields with imaginary masses, far away from any cliffs.

Listening to superluminal broadcasts is best left to those equipped for such feats. There are a lot of possible states in the superposition of the future, drowning the cadence of your future selves in the Gaussian white noise of all possibilities. Your makeshift radio telescope is nothing compared to the very-long-baseline interferometry needed.

And some do not only receive the transmitted, they are the transmitter as well. A radio station broadcasting its music into the past back towards itself, creating a wealth of information the near-human brain cannot grasp. They must translate the signal into a symphony of emotions before feeding it to their minds, lest they overload their mental capacity. It is one of the greatest navigation systems for the dangerous waters of all possible choices that we make in every moment. A wonder of evolution and the collateral result of experiments done in a time before time before time.

Where does the blood come in? Hint: the answer is not blood magic. To answer the question, sweetling, you must understand they did not give it that name. The world gave it that name, a world doomed to never being able to hear the melody of a tachyonic antitelephone. All the world got to see was how these songs got written down in blood by singing blades and whistling arrows and an orchestra of screams. Whenever a blood song is sung, there will be death and only the crows will feast.