Karl Doering

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Played by: Spursucher

Mortal, Male, 32

Aliases: Spursucher ((Tracker in German)), Fetcher.
Nationality: German
Residence: Travels alot
Employer: Self Employed
Function: Artist

Discussion insert

[Psychologist]: "The subject shows tendencies of violence and paranoia and yet there is something else that I have yet to identify. He rarely sleeps, which only adds to his paranoia."

[Handler]: "Is he fit for objectives?"

[Psychologist]: "I would recommend.."

[Handler]: "Just answer the question Doctor."

[Psychologist]: "If you are asking is he able to function for any work given to him, then yes, but still I.."

[Handler]: "That is all I need to know, thank you."

Mission Report #371---

Agent on hand handled the operation extremely unprofessionally. Not only were there civilian casualties, but the answer given when the agent was asked was. "They posed a security risk to the entire mission. I was not willing to take chances. The fact that when I dispatched them, that the target was alerted was of little consequence. It just meant that I had to go to my fallback plan, which just so happened to be demolishing the building from explosives that I had planted before hand."

The agent simply shook his head at this time before continuing.

"You got not only the items that the target had but their body as well. It also gave a plausible excuse of a gas leak which destroyed said building. In my books a win win."

On a side note, the agent was correct that this did indeed offer us a reasonable excuse as to the destruction of the building, and that with the civilians that were caught in the blast added credence as well.

None at this time.

Trained from age 10 to handle all forms of firearms and explosives.

Attempted to learn swimming but seems to have a fear of water moving over his head.

Manual skills using his hands are higher than most agents.

Name: Karl Doering

Age: 32

Degrees: Bachelor of Visual Arts (Studied at University of South Australia as a exchange student) Majoring in Glass blowing and Kiln forming.

Currently travelling for expositions of his work.

Background: --Higher clearance needed--

Personality: A very quiet personality and introverted. He takes on board what others say about his art, almost to heart. He sponsors several foundations for either the homeless or those of lower social status. His artworks are seen as unique to say the least, yet there is a small community that enjoys his masterpieces.