Kaired Constantine

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Mortal bee, Male, 18

Aliases: John, Jack, Smartass
Nationality: British
Residence: N/A
Employer: Unknown
Function: N/A
Twitter: N/A

Born: 31/6/99 Raised within the concept of a 'Hard graft' family, his Father was quick to elaborate the skills necessary to take advantage of the human conditions known as Pride, Greed and Lust. Kaired learned various card tricks to his Father's trade: that being Fraud. Needless to say the boy grew far slower than his ego, usually reserved when acting 'himself' though who is to say when this is? Growing up in Newcastle with two older sisters and a Mother who endeavoured only to give them all the best in a poor man's climate. From aged eight he was utilised in various scams and schemes, as he grew and developed into a young man, Kaired was soon the schemer rather than the tool.

At sixteen it wasn't long before a visitor both small and buzzing fed it's way into his life; by entering his throat. The chaotic abilities that rose with this became ever the useful tool as short lived as it was. Picked up by a Templar he'd sought to 'swindle' Kaired was soon recruited. A choice he'd made purely on the basis of survival more than desire, to be controlled was an aspect he'd detested since the days of his old man and his scams. Drawn into the likes of these people, however, saw his greed develop into a notorious obsession. Relics, scriptures and anything worth an ample selection of coin will have this scallywag not far behind.

It's treated as an alternate reality version.

Randy Constantine - Father - deceased Mary Constantine - Mother - deceased June Constantine - Older sister - AWOL Kim Constantine - Older sister - AWOL

Skilled in the aspects of Gunplay, Chaos Magic and quite the silver tongue once he adorns his 'act'. Ask for a card trick! I dare you-