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Played by: TonyAshe

Bee, Female, 39

Aliases: Devil Lei, Li Jiao
Nationality: Chinese
Residence: Hong Kong
Employer: Cerberus Solutions
Function: Public and Private Relations
Twitter: @AryongLei_HK



Aryong Lei would be described by many as a stunningly attractive woman in her mid thirties. With her predominant Chinese facial features, most people do not realize that she is actually Chinese-American. Her build is toned and slender and aside from her face, her legs seems to often be what stands out the most. She stands 5'5" and looks to weigh around 112 pounds. Her silk black hair is a little more than chin length, though she styles it so it appears to be shorter than it really is as it frames the V-shape of her face. It is often styled so one side is longer than the other.

Video: Aryong speaking English

She is a very confident and well composed person with how she carries herself and her voice has a somewhat light tone when she speaks. There's a medium inflection of her Chinese accent when she speaks English. She generally wears fashionable clothing that accentuates her frame and follows the current trends. Most often she can be seen wearing either dresses or women's business suits. Anything casual that she wears, is usually reserved for home or there is no work at all to be done.

Aryong at home



Jasmine at 16

Jasmine was born in Guangzhou, China on January 12th, 1978. Her mother, Xia Lei was the mistress to a Hong Kong gangster and drug smuggler named Kylun. Meanwhile her father, Charles Moon was an Interpol agent assigned to aid the police in capturing Kylun's organization. Her mother wound up being an informant and after a night of passion that turned into love between the two over the coming months, she became pregnant.

Four months later, after a bust occurred which led to Kylun's arrest, Xia was planning to testify against him, however Kylun was soon released due to the lack of evidence against him. As a result she was placed into protective custody and escorted out of Hong Kong to start a new life. Prior to her leaving, both her and Charles had decided upon the name Jasmine. Charles stayed behind to continue the case, but was killed in an apparent traffic accident several weeks later.

In Guangzhou, Xia's father; Wei-fang came to live with her to help raise Jasmine so there would be a father-like figure in her life. The early years were pretty normal in Jasmine's life while growing up. Her grandfather who was a retired martial arts teacher, taught her the style he mastered in order to teach her about discipline.

Around the age of ten or eleven, things started to change for Jasmine as she started to get into fights with other kids that said her mother was a prostitute and the fact she was fatherless and mixed-blood. It didn't matter if they were boys or girls. Through her teens, it got progressively worse and Jasmine would spend a short time in juvenile detention or at the police station until her mother or grandfather came to get her. She'd then be scolded, which made her act more disrespectful, particularly towards her mother.

When Jasmine was sixteen, she got into a large fight and was once again at the police station waiting to be picked up by her mother or grandfather. Neither showed as the hours passed, until finally a man wearing a black suit stating he came to get her on her mothers behalf. Jasmine didn't even think something was wrong as she just wanted to leave the police station. Jasmine was taken home by the man, who barely spoke a word. When they arrived, she noticed several black sedans parked out front much like that one she rode in. Upon entering the house, a gruesome scene greeted her as her grandfather was lying dead on the floor and her mother was severely beaten. Jasmine immediately attempted to fight the men standing around, getting a few hits in before being knocked the ground. One of the men was fixing to strike her when someone told them to stop.

A man sitting in the dark stood up and came forward. It was Kylun, who knelt down and inspected her for a moment before saying something to Xia about they could have been a family if she hadn't betrayed him. He could forgive the fact she worked as a police informant, but not the fact that she slept with and had the child of an outsider. He told her that she would have to wander through the afterlife alone, never knowing what became of her daughter. Kylun then shot Xia. Jasmine screamed out and then felt a slight prick as she was drugged and soon fell unconscious. Kylun was planning to take her with him and possibly place her on the streets, however a phone call informing him that the police were on their way made him change his mind.

When Jasmine groggily came to, she was covered in blood and hand a gun in her hand. She'd scream and cry as she saw her mother and grandfather laying there, but were senses weren't fully functional as she stumbled out of the house. She had walked about twenty-yards, before the police showed up and she was arrested. With how she was found, the evidence all seemed to point at her being guilty, until Interpol and the HKP stepped in as they were aware of Jasmine's mother being put into witness protection all those years ago. The person to visit Jasmine as she sat in an interrogation room was a former detective turned superintendent that worked alongside her father. He asked her the simple question and after she answered, she was allowed to be released, but she soon vanished.

<spoiler> Once Jasmine said yes, he stated that he would help her, but it would involve forgetting the life she lived as she would undergo police training and become an undercover officer. He told her any and all records of her would be sealed away. Jasmine completely vanished off the grid as the training was held in secret and lasted 28 weeks. It involved learning police procedure as well as firearm use and basic training. After graduating she began her assignment.<spoiler>

Aryong at The Cloud Corporation

Jasmine reemerged in the Red Light district of Hong Kong nearly 7 months later, going by the name Aryong and working as a hostess and drug runner at a less than reputable bar. It wasn't long until there was a police raid on the establishment and she was arrested for possession as well as assault of a police officer that was undercover. She was taken to Lo Wu Correctional Institution. She was thrown into a cell with four other women. Among them was the woman known as Madame Ping, who was famous for her high-class nightlife establishments. Within the underworld, it was also known that she was in charge of drug distribution for Kylun. Ping had been arrested on pending drug and solicitation charges.

Aryong kept to herself at first, but it made her a target for bullying by some of the other inmates when in the yard. She was able to defend herself, though it meant spending time in solitary afterwards. It wasn't till an incident during shower time, that she came onto Madame Ping's radar. Someone attempted to shank Ping, but Aryong stopped the woman. After that, Ping felt indebted to Aryong and looked after her as well as kept her around as a bodyguard of sorts. Eventually Madame Ping was released as the charges against her were dropped. Not before Ping found out who exactly had tried to have her killed though. It turned out to be Kylun, who wanted to control everything and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. With the attempt a fail and Ping's release, he had no choice but to give up any further attempts. Aryong's release was about two weeks after Madame Ping's and she was surprised to see Ping waiting for her outside the facility, well dressed with an expensive car. Ping offered Aryong a job as well as a place to stay as a way of saying thank you. Aryong quickly accepted and resumed the job she had in prison as Ping's bodyguard, but she also became her protege and like a daughter to her.

Due to the Illuminati's connection in the HKP, Madame Ping knew that Jasmine was an undercover police officer as well as the fact that she was the daughter of Xia; who she was close to and grew up with. It was decided by them to use Jasmine to further their own gain within Hong Kong. As well as concoct a plan to deal with Kylun.

Acting as Madame Ping's bodyguard

As the years passed, Aryong learned the ins and outs of Madame Ping's businesses. She was given a chance to go to college to further her knowledge. They developed a full mother-daughter style relationship. During the course of this, Aryong came face to face with Kylun, who didn't recognize her since it had been nearly six years. Kylun always made advances towards Aryong, but was denied each time.

An order came down eventually that Kylun needed to be taken down. Originally the plan was for him to be arrested and finally have the evidence stick. But Madame Ping made a plea to simply have him killed and allow Jasmine to do it. Jasmine asked who gave the order as she always thought Kylun was in charge, but she was told he wasn't and that he had been greedy and reckless with the things he's done over the years so he needed to go. And so Jasmine went to meet Kylun in a hotel suite. She first played hard to get, before slowly seducing him. After he was on the bed, fully undressed and tied to the posts, she moved over him and slid down his body. Jasmine looked up at him from between his legs before telling him You will wander through the afterlife alone, knowing you didn't die as a man. This is for my mother Xia Lei. Before Kylun could react, Jasmine cut off his Gāowán and watched as he screamed and bled to death on the bed. After Kylun had given his last breath, Jasmine gathered her things and exited the suite and then the hotel.

Aryong and Madame Ping 2013

The feeling Jasmine had afterwards was bittersweet as she told Madame Ping what happened. It was then that Madame Ping showed Jasmine a picture of Ping and Xia. She had told her about growing up and being friends with Xia. After that their relationship became even stronger as revenge had been given.

With Kylun gone, the organization began to restructure as it was getting out of the drug smuggling business. Instead turning more towards pharmaceutical ventures in furthering Hong Kong's medical field. The position that belonged to Kylun was now Madame Ping's. Jasmine on the other hand, took over Ping's spot and gained ownership of all her establishments. During this transition, the police had begun to shut down hostess bars due to running prostitution as a business which was illegal, though individual prostitution was legal. The hostess bars owned by Jasmine were untouched due to connections within the police as well as the fact there was likely incriminating evidence of high-ranking officials that were clients there.

Jasmine learned the truth about the Illuminati as who Madame Ping worked for. She felt indebted since they allowed her to get revenge and joined them in 2006. Since that time, Madame Ping's company, known as Yún jìsuàn gōngsī or The Cloud Corporation has grown and made connections to several worldwide pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. Jasmine represents Ping in business meetings outside of China and serves as her right-hand woman and 'daughter'. She also manages and monitors the illegal activities that still occur in the organization.

In 2011 within the Illuminati, Jasmine became an internal affairs agent and briefly worked with Q & A for about two years, before transferring from that job.




Aryong comes off as a warm and caring person when it comes to those under her employ and clients of her establishments. Even when not dealing with her businesses, she is generally polite and wears a smile with an air of confidence. Despite this, there is a chip on her shoulder and certain things set her off. The primary one; being overly disrespectful to her employees or even worse Madame Ping or trying to cause harm. She is headstrong, but ruled by her emotions.

Her motto is: If life had no regrets, then it would be boring.

Skills & Abilities



  • Combat Abilities: Jasmine is an expert in Liu Shi Si Shou or the 64 Hands technique which she learned from her grandfather which seamlessly combines escape, evasion, striking, kicking, locking and throwing. In addition she was taught Wing Chun and Aikido. She learned street and dirty fighting from battles with rival gangsters over turf. She also gained proficiency in the use of melee weapons and is certified in the use of firearms. Jasmine also teaches self-defense to her employee's, especially the women.
  • Magic Abilities:Jasmine is capable of focusing and amplifying her inner chi.
  • Reading Body Language: Due to her martial arts training, Jasmine is able to read an individuals body language in combat, allowing her to anticipate attacks before they happen. Coupled with her agility this often makes it difficult for an opponent to strike her while it being much easier for her to strike them.
  • Skill Sets: Jasmine has a degree in business and is quite familiar with the use of modern technology. She also has a knack for cooking, dancing and lock-picking.

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Roleplay Hooks


  • Jasmine runs several well known nightclubs, hostess bars, karaoke bars and massage parlors. She has many clients or people that visit these places when in Hong Kong.
  • You have ever heard of the Queen (Madame Ping) and Princess (Aryong) of Hong Kong nightlife or curious about the nightlife and want a guide.
  • Jasmine has attended meetings outside of China where she acted as Madame Ping's representative towards pharmaceutical companies. She's met many people either while doing business or simply discussing business with a stranger while traveling.
  • Jasmine teaches the 64 Hands to her employee's, but she also gets requested to teach Illuminati members.
  • Jasmine is a part of the Hong Kong criminal underworld, so she's met people throughout her time there either part of underworld or perhaps part of law enforcement.



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