Iksian Ozerov

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Immortal Undead, Male, HAH

Aliases: None
Nationality: Mongolian American
Residence: New York, New York
Employer: Illuminati
Function: Necromancer
Twitter: @doctorozerov

Skin: Skin is the immediate tell tale sign that something is wrong with him. From time to time it has a healthy brown complexion but it wavers into what is often a sickly pale or gray pigment.

Eyes: Usually covered with Sunglasses or shades of some type. Yellow with red sclera.

Hair: Often times just straight white.

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Weight: between 150 and 180 lbs

Build: Lean, lanky, gaunt sometimes.

Care must be taken of your body when it is beyond the realm of the living. Often times it is easy to tell how busy he is by how well his body is taken care of. He sometimes looks vaguely healthy, even somewhat normal but often times he has the look of a dead man. One of the most notable features outside of his outlandish eyes and skin is the circle of stitches around his neck. Stitches appear all along his body in fact. Marks of a man trying to keep himself together by any means necessary.

Iksian likes to dress like he is going to a funeral or to a rodeo. He prefers a mixture of black, white, and blue. Often times he tries to match the situation, preferring grim business attire for meetings, blue for Illuminati meetings, and sometimes he likes cowboy boots and a cowboy hat because Iksian has an obsession with westerns.

There is little known about Iksian's life prior to joining the Illuminati. What is known is that he was once a member of Genghis Khan's hoard, that he was a shaman, and that he had been flirting with the Dragon before making moves into the Illuminati's hands. Much of his history is buried in conflicting resources, half mentions of necromancy and the dark arts, and half destroyed records. 

Common Secret War knowledge:

He is Illuminati

He is Undead

He is a Necromancer

He has fought in several world wars, including WWII

Prior to the bees Iksian would occasionally fight for disputed territories.

Iksian had a minor rivalry with Grigori Rasputin. He denies being the one who killed him.

Mage/Scholar Templar access:

Iksian's writings and materials seized prior to the Illuminati leaving to the Americas.

High level Dragon access:

Iksian's true name and origins.

There are layers to him as there is anyone else. Iksian prefers the casual appearance of a super villain with no real goals or reason. However beneath the joking exterior of the eccentric dead man there are motivations and machinations beyond the means of 'laughably evil'. There are times when he can, and sometimes will be quite kind. Others when he can be unspeakably cruel. Iksian follows the code of the Illuminati and his own internal code, the two being most compatible with each other nine times out of ten.

Iksian has an aura that something isn't quite right with him. If not from appearance alone.

He is functionally immune to poisons, Psychic influence on the mind, and drowning.

While he is not a bee he has earned a heavy level of skill, power, and experience from ages practicing the dark arts.

He is not filth related.

While not a bee Iksian has managed to utilize Agartha via his own means.

Living animals dislike him. Dead animals love him.

There are certain herbs and magical means that can effect Iksian. These are generally considered "Spiritual in nature" and thus able to influence him.