Harry Abelart

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Played by: Eisvogel

Mortal bee, male, 62

Aliases: confidential information
Nationality: german
Residence: Yeongjongdo, Seoul, Korea
Employer: The Empty Eyes of Carcosa
Function: Dragon Agent
Twitter: available not available

Born 1956 in the area of southern Hessen, Germany under a different name. Normal career: school, secondary school, education and job as commercial clerk in a group of companies. Normal life: Middle class, single, no children. His family consists of a younger sister and his father. In the spring of 2012, he had accepted an offer from his company for early retirement and was thinking about changing his life circumstances. Possibly a fit of midlife crisis.

Parallel to the Tokyo news bulletins the bees selected him. In the week he needed to get his newly awakened skills under control so that he would no longer constantly set fire to his home furnishings, he had already made arrangements to dive for a longer period of time. A world tour would be e.g. a great excuse to disappear. But before he could put his plan into action, the dumb monks came and he was recruited by the dragons. To this day, he does not realize why the bees chose him, but the time for a radical new beginning was perfect - a stroke of fate, so to speak. He only occasionally contacts his family by letter to show that he is well. The sender is usually New York, London or Seoul. While he is still angry at the way the dragons recruited him (asking would have been enough), he supports the dragon's goals and philosophy out of conviction that the community is a second family to him - even if he does not use all the methods approves of the family. However, he tries to avoid confrontations with other factions, there are more important opponents than to repeat the usual human mistakes. He lives on the Swallow Island (Yeongjongdo), off the coast of Seoul, in one of the anonymous skyscrapers of the satellite cities around Incheon International Airport. Due to his severance pay and the low cost of living in South Korea, he cultivates the image of a dropout and has no need to worry about his livelihood for the foreseeable future and can concentrate on his new tasks and his training. Having been on the service for the dragons since the Tokyo catastrophe, with only a few break times as the main activity, he is now considered one of the new veterans. He does not like the responsibility that comes with it and prefers joint decisions - including butterfly effects - to a task force, but he accepts them.

Continuous transition, no particular abnormalities

In his private life, he loves to be alone. But within the secret world he has many acquaintances - because of his continuous efforts at all foci. His closest friends or comrades, like him, are part of the same cabal led by a mysterious man whom he has not yet fully understood. The group is called: "The Empty Eyes of Carcosa", and he is not sure if the naming has only a literary connection to the myth of the Old Ones.

He is only a normal Bee, wears almost always casual clothes and a gray coat with the "The Black Watchmen" and the "Eye in the Pyramid" print on the back. His favorite weapons are an european rapier he found in Kingsmouth, a modern assault rifle and - what he almost always carries with him - an elemental focus that allows him to call an revenant in combat. File:Eisvogel-1.jpg