Francis Tangent

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Played by: Francis Tangent

Bee, Male, 27

Aliases: Causobon
Nationality: American
Residence: New York City
Employer: Hive 13
Function: Unknown

Grew up in South Georgia USA. Mother and father divorced, grew up with his mother and became enthralled with her collection of books on magic. Read everything she had from Book 4 by Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn, Malleus Maleficarum, and the texts of Enochian studies from John Dee. He practiced ceremonial magick from as young as 16 on a daily basis and practiced yoga, tai chi, and meditation to further center himself in his studies. At age eighteen he moved away, skipping the burden of college he presumed, and traveled the states in search of ways to further his magickal studies. A witch in Pennsylvania taught him to fear things he could not see. A tribal Indian speaker from Tennessee taught him to accept the fact that an old man lived inside his young body. An Ordo Templi Orientis Frater Superior convinced him that life is nothing without the cosmos. His grandmother, a practicing Rosicrucian, taught him that his life means more than the sum of it's parts. With that he carried a part of his soul and teaching with him. Constantly moving and looking for what life might offer next and learning what he could.

After a night of tripping on acid with friends he awoke to the dream of the awakening of the bee. Miami was already a strange place to him, but this thought of power and hostility and calm made him quite crazy. He imagined it was all a dream. The acid was very good afterall. But something else awoke inside him. All the things and magic and reality he imagined were real were only a construct of the bees and their making. He became consumed and is consumed with it's instruction, design, and direction. As more and more things come true he falls deeper into the pinings of his own transgressions.

New Character. Leaving old character in TSW.

Alchemy is his hobby. He knows many in the groups that are in need of his ambitions...such as drugs and/or concoctions of import.

During research on how to anima infuse ink for a lady friend he found that his skills made it easy enough to make but he got the timing wrong. Instead of testing it first on others he tried it on himself. He etched the Sigil of Nephytys on his arm and has since had a burning sensation there that won't go away. Also, he feels a keen wanting to visit Egypt, constantly, but his logical mind tells him that is probably a bad idea.

His other endeavors include a search for the two missing pieces of wood and nail from the True Cross. He is not Christian by any stretch but feels the scientific uses of such would be worthy of his touch. Currently he is in possession of one such piece. His skepticism runs deep when confronting others about the veracity of their information. Nonetheless he will follow any lead.