Fallon Grey

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Played by: Shan
Fallon Grey3 1.jpg

Bee, female, 22 (Beed at 19)

Aliases: none
Nationality: Canadian of French/Chinese and Scottish descent
Residence: Toronto, Ontario
Employer: Delphic League
Function: Exorcist
Twitter: @GreyFallon

Born in Halifax Nova Scotia, Fallon's mother was a O.R. nurse of mixed French/Chinese ancestry, while her father was of Scottish descent. Fallon lost her parents in a fatal automobile accident when she was fourteen. She and her younger sister Fiona went to live with their paternal grandmother in Toronto, Ontario.

Fallon was in her second year of university on a return trip home to her grandmother's when she became one of Gaia's chosen at the age of 19. Now at 20, she is an accomplished Chaos mage, duel pistol wielder. A former Fine Arts students, she now crafts her own jewelry and works as an exorcist and hell rift sealer for the Illuminati Faction of the Secret World.

Tall and slender with a toned athletic build, Fallon often comes across as aloof, cold or even hostile to those who do not know her well or who try to take advantage of her.

Her straight, shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair frames wide, slanted grey eyes that change from bluish-grey to smoky jade green and high cheek bones in an oval face.

Patrick Grey - father attorney (Deceased)

Lian Mei Caron - mother O.R. nurse - (Deceased)

Fiona Grey - younger sister by two years, a photography student (alive)

Fiona Moira Grey - paternal grandmother, former music teacher (alive)

Noire - Maine coon cat pet since March 30th 2019

Relationship Status: Single

Fallon is a talented chaos mage who primarily focuses on dealing damage and being able to protect herself from physical and magical damage through the use of kinetic shields. She is currently learning about protective physical wards and mental barriers through the use of glyphs and sigils.

She has become a talented gunslinger through the use of kinetic energies, slowing time and using bullets that shatter and cause explosions and kinetic damage. She is still learning to create Anima bullets.

Glyhps - With the help of her uncle Angus Grey, one of the Envoy of Avalon faction, Fallon has learned a simple gylph to conceal objects as large as a small coffee table and also a simple glyph of protection against entities of demonic energies or malignant spirts.

Fallon crafts jewelry and closely studies the components and natural properties linked to metals and gemstones. She has crafted her own focus made of silver, gold, diamonds, onyx with a octagonal malachite amulet to help amplify her magical abilities with chaos magic. She is currently working on creating other foci to help other magic-users of the Secret World.

Fallon focuses on endurance running, flexibility and karate.

She is an excellent swimmer and she started learning surfing at the age of thirteen when she still lived with her parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fallon is fluent in English and French and has learned some Gaelic Scots from her grandmother.