Ellie Jones

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Played by: Starling

Bee, Female, 29

Aliases: Ell, 'Doc'
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Residence: Unknown
Employer: Unknown
Function: Field Research
Twitter: @StarlingBee

Former Med student, buzzed just months before her very last exam. The influx of energy sparking between her fingers made holding a scalpel a little dangerous, and she thought it prudent to stay away from clinic detail for a while - or so she said when she found the end of our crumb trail.

Didn't take her long, either, but that doesn't mean much. Honestly, when you give a toddler the right shape and show them the hole it's not exactly a cause for celebration when they get it in. It's just fifty-fifty as to whether it ends up in the slot or somewhere gross and sticky. Thankfully, Jones doesn't seem to have an oral fixation.

What she does have is an almost pitiable need to suss out the logic in any given situation, which is often a little bit detrimental to the sanity of our field agents. At least she's fastidious. -KG

5'7" (170 cm), 173 LB (78.5 kg) Red hair, green eyes, freckled skin, round face. Prefers comfort and function over fashion. Nearsighted; switches between glasses and contacts.

▲ Seems to have natural aptitude for magicks, specifically Elemental and Kinetic energies. Testing for potential with Blood and Life.

▲ Absolutely rubbish with firearms and martial weapons. Don't bother, we tried. For someone who was planning to cut people open for a living, she sure is squeamish about physical violence.

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate Asclepius frequency - RECEIVE - initiate the tender heart sequence - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'LL BE SAVING? - initiate lost child protocol - WITNESS - Starling.

What do you get when you mix a terrible need to please with too much heartache, Sweetling? A cold and callous overachiever, or a desperate pawn. Oh, they never start that way, but humanity does so love its meat tender.

Here's the thing - when you see a little flicker, a flame trying to spread some light and warmth, all you ever think about is how it's helping you. You never think about the spark, do you? It's awful dark for the one doing the shining, and it can't last forever. We've seen it time and time and time and eternity again.

WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER, LITTLE GIRL? It's so hard to talk to doctors when you don't know where you came from. Each tendency and weakness becomes a reminder - is there a history of heart disease in her blood? Did her father's teeth ache with ice, too? It isn't that the ones who took her in were cruel, there were no little bruises, she wanted for nothing. Nothing but answers, and we gave them to her. Big blue gave them to her, but not the ones she wants. Not yet. Not while they can hold her on the line and charge her by the minute.

Cue the muzak of corporate manipulation. But remember, Sweetling, she would have sung for anyone. It isn't in her nature to JUST SAY NO.

Face Claim: Karen Gillan

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