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By dororo4-d8fcyp2.jpg

"It was a beautiful day and in Maine that is a rarity. High 70s, just a few clouds in the distance and, oddly enough, not a spot of humidity, despite the previous night's storms. So me and Ben and my brother-in-law and his wife wrangled the kids and drove down to this little cove right out north of Belfast. When we got there, 5 hours later, little Jenny was pounding on the the doors, her brother screaming to be let out of his car seat. The weather had turned for the worse and a light rain was coming down. Ben and Jan were arguing about something- maybe the map? Meanwhile I felt sick as death, just hoping there was a clean porta-potty nearby where I could wretch.
And yet... I still wish I could live forever in this moment. Every parent never wants to see their kids grow up, that is true. But I am just afraid mine grew up to fast..."