Drada Sheild-Sworn

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Played by: Luxtos

Mortal bee, Female, 27

Aliases: Dra, Sheild
Nationality: Duel English and Finnish
Residence: London, England
Employer: Templar's
Function: Field Agent/Freelance Translator
Twitter: @SheildSwornClan

Drada has a fair skin tone that is dotted with light brown freckles, mainly on her face and arms. Her hair is shoulder length and dark rusted ginger in colour. Her facial features are typical of someone with scandinavian descent; thin nose, high cheekbones and a square jaw. Her eyes are a pale blue that borders on grey.

Due to competing in various MMA and fencing tournaments as a teenager, Drada is moderately muscled most of it being located in her arms and legs. This had lead to her often standing in a modified boxing stance, her arms hanging loosely and shoulders back. Her hair is usually up in a ponytail because of this as well.

She also has two ornate tattoos that adorn her left arm and her neck/chest. The tattoo on her arm is a collection of wild flowers from England, Finland and Norway. It spans from her wrist to her elbow. Her other tattoo is often covered up since it cover the front her body, from the top of her neck to her navel. It’s comprised of the same wild flowers along with some other indigenous plants arranged in a bouquet that has fine strands of pearls droop down from it. Few people have ever seen the entire thing.

Although Drada was raised in a somewhat relaxed and enjoyable manner, her entire life has been about becoming a Templar and upholding the debt of her family’s name. This has instilled her with a sense of pride in her work for both, however she still feel burdened by the weight the debt and tradition she bares.

She displays a calm but quietly optimistic view on life, preferring to focus on getting the task assigned to her completed to the best of her ability. As such Drada nearly always has a smile on her face, even when things are going horribly wrong. Despite her overall warm personality, Drada is hindered by the fact the she is quite shy around new people; she’s always willing to get to know someone new though.

Even with her training and discipline Drada has a spontaneous streak that no-one has been able to break so far. While it doesn’t tend to get her into trouble it can make travelling and talking to her quite unpredictable. That doesn’t mean to say that she is constantly reckless with her life, in fact she tries to maintain a high level of vigilance out in the field so that she doesn’t hurt or kill anything that doesn’t deserve it.

The Sheild-Sworn family have been talented magic users since the middle ages, so when the witch hunts began they fled to London and begged the Templars for refuge. The result is a generation to generation long debt that family proudly fulfil.

Drada is the eldest of this generation, though her twin (Cazna) was born almost immediately afterwards.

Both girls were raised with the family’s debt at the forefront of their learning. As such they spent their childhoods in Finland learning the skills of hunting, tracking, basic survival skills, basic human and monster biology and a few ancient and dying languages as well as a normal primary school education.

For a more advanced education Drada and Cazna were sent back to London to attend a Templar supervised secondary education. Drada began to focus on being employed as a paladin by the order, and took up learning mixed martial arts (mainly boxing and capoeira), hammers, mauls and blades. Her education also built upon the subjects that she had learned in Finland.

At the end of her secondary education she had 4 A-levels in english literature, ancient greek, physical education and biology. She had also built her stamina and body up the standards of professional athlete, competing in fencing and mma tournaments for fun.

Drada kept her physical training up throughout her time at uni, eventually graduating with a degree in Classical and Arcane Literature. Shortly after graduation her twin Cazna defected to the Dragon, tearing the family apart.

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthday: 28th of October

Height: Five feet seven inches

Place Of Birth: Helsinki, Finland

Place Of Current Residence: London, England

Favourite Drink: Coca-cola/Mead

Favourite Food: Stew/Anything Sweet

Favourite Snack: Dried Parma Ham

Favorite Place: Norwegian Countryside

Favourite Hobby: Reading the latest fantasy book/Competing in MMA tournaments

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Flower: Cardinals

Hi there! As a general thing I prefer to have lore friendly roleplay, however I understand that somethings are grey and that's okay is discussed first and if it's not totally outlandish. As a general thing I really don't like any sort of forced action/pushing characters to do things they wouldn't normally do. Along a similar path before wounding or hurting this character please ask me first, same thing goes for intimate relationships (but not ERP).