Damian Jacobs

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'Dr. Jacobs'
Played by: DJ Malak
Damian Profile.jpg

Bee, Male, 32

Aliases: Doc
Nationality: American
Residence: New York City, USA
Employer: The Dragon
Function: General Surgeon

Damian grew up in Chicago, Illinois to two very driven medical professionals. His Father was a Pulmonary surgeon and his Mother was a Neurosurgeon. His father was very strict, with high expectations for Damian's future career. His mother was the caregiver of his two parents. She was the one who would take him for walks in the city, or to talk when his frustration would hit its limit. She was warmer than her husband, but still far from warm and fuzzy.

Damian went to school at the University of Chicago where he went into the Surgical coursework. Rather than pick a specialty, he decided to become a General Surgeon.

Damian was a successful surgeon for several years before he was chosen by Gaia. After the sting he tried to maintain both lives. He found that living a double life was draining and he gave up medicine for several years and devoted his time to the secret world.

He lived the life that the money from both of his lives offered him. He wasn't one to spend money carelessly. He bought a Brownstone in Brooklyn, and the floor above his apartment. The only neighbor that he has is the elderly lady that lives below him, Mrs. Perkins. She's constantly disapproving of the hours that he keeps and his mysterious comings and goings.

He'd learned a great amount about having a good balance between the "real" world and the other that he lived in. He'd often catch a drink at the Horned God in London. After a mission he made sure to take time to decompress; often to somewhere tropical.

It was at one of these stops into the Horned God that he met a young blonde woman that looked like a drowned rat. She was cold, tired, and scared. She'd recently been Stung herself but had no support and no idea what to do about her new powers. Damian felt bad and took her home to give her some place to stay and a warm shower if nothing else. He fully expected that she'd be gone by the morning but he was shocked to find that she was still there, and eager to learn about her new life.

Damian taught her as best he could and soon was taking her out on missions with him. He didn't expect to fall in love. There was something about Suri that he was attracted to and they began a relationship. That was three years ago. Damian and Suri are engaged and living together in his Brownstone with her younger sister, Kristen that they'd rescued from Vali.

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