Craft Ramsay

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Played by: Craft Ramsay

Anima Enhanced Human, Male, 37

Aliases: None known
Nationality: Canadian
Residence: Toronto, Ontario
Employer: Knightsbridge Consulting
Function: Senior Consultant
Twitter: @CraftRamsay

Growing up, Craft had about as normal a life as one possibly could. Raised by two loving parents in a small Northern Ontario town, he was always capable at school, and made friends easily. He was especially close with his Grandfather William Ramsay, who was a Veteran of the Second World War and ran a small bar called Ale & Arms in Toronto, ON. After graduating from High School, he enrolled at the University of Waterloo for Anthropology and Archaeology. During his time at Waterloo, he quickly discovered he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He would spend the summers in Toronto, working with his Grandfather, and would take over management of the bar following graduation.

He quickly took over most of the duties of running the bar, his Grandfather retired and maintained ownership, but largely remained hands off. His only stipulation was that the sword mounted on the wall behind the bar stay there. Craft had no reason not to comply, believing the blade was simply a souvenir from his Grandfather's time overseas. In 2007, William Ramsay passed away, leaving the bar to Craft. Over the next five years Craft would pour blood, sweat and tears into the bar, treating it as his Grandfather's legacy.

On June 26th, 2012 during a slow Tuesday night, Craft would be visited at the bar by a strange man in a dark crimson suit. He would order a drink and converse with Craft before leaving, and leaving a sizeable tip -- including an odd coin with what looked like a crude design of a man with a sword and shield on it.

Craft wouldn't have time to study the coin, as a sulfuric smoke would soon fill the bar and volcanic stone would erupt from the floor. Strange creatures were maiming and killing the remaining customers. In an effort to protect those in the bar, Craft pulled the sword down from the wall.

Then Everything Exploded.

Craft was quickly whisked away from Toronto and dropped off on a small island in the Atlantic. He had never heard of Solomon Island, but after being essentially abandoned there by his Templar recruiter, he would never forget it. He somehow managed to survive long enough to get to the Sheriff's Station in Kingsmouth, where he would encounter fellow members of the Templar, including Alyse Bryce - A well armed slinger of magics. Together they would learn how to survive in this new world, and what it meant to be a Templar soldier.

Craft quickly learned he wasn't exactly what the Templars expected in a frontline operative. He was exceedingly skilled with a blade, and had basic survival knowledge, but he was no soldier. Eventually he figured his skills could be put to a better use and formed a company called Knightsbridge Consulting with Alyse. They would go on to help people in the mundane world with whatever supernatural problems would leak through. These cases would be considered 'small' by the Templars, more concerned with the larger matters of Solomon Island, the return of the God Aten, the Vampiric Uprising in Romania and the Kaidan Situation. But they were still incidents that needed to be dealt with before they grew into something larger.

Knightsbridge Consulting was given relative autonomy as it was good press for the Templars, but it was made clear to Craft and Alyse on a number of occassions that the company existed because of the Templars Benevolence.

Over the past five years, Knightsbridge has been dealing with numerous cases. There had been lulls and hiatuses, but there were always Consultants ready to travel the world and offer assistance. Some of the noted cases dealt with by Knightsbridge Consulting are:

  • Assisting with the a vampire plaguing Bajina Basta in Serbia
  • Recovering a reality warping artefact in Brookings, Oregon
  • Helping a young woman who recently acquired prophetic visions
  • Investigating incidents at a Retirement home which were connected to contaminated chicken
  • Tracking down a 'lost' group of Reality Television ghost hunters
  • Dealing with a number of possessed objects and individuals
  • Investigating Cannock Chase (ongoing)

With an uptick in case files, Craft has decided to open recruiting to Knightsbridge Consulting again.

Craft eventually would discover the man that visited Ale & Arms prior to the Hell Incursion was actually an old Romano-Celtic god known as Cocidius. He was a soldier's god, a god of hunts and the forest. The coin he left with Craft was an object of power and awakened something that had been sleeping in Craft - his connection to anima. The sword mounted on the wall of the bar was no ordinary sword, but rather one imbued with power by the god. Craft's Grandfather had brought the sword back to Canada as a part of a vague prophecy after Cocidius had rescued him in the Second World War after his bomber crashed.

Mysterious dreams would lead Craft to seek out this Cocidius where he would learn more about his and the sword's abilities.

The sword was tied directly to the Agartha, and could be 'stored' there when not in use. When needed the coin given to Craft would spawn roots of the wisdom tree and summon the blade. The sword also held a wealth of knowledge about combat that would come to Craft naturally the longer he used the sword. Craft himself was gifted with enhanced resilience and was able to channel anima to enhance his speed.


"Calm down. It's going to be alright. Yes. I know the police couldn't help you. Yes. I know no-one believes you. But I believe you. We are... experienced in handling these sorts of things. We will take care of it. We will get your life back to normal. I'll need to ask a few questions first... what? Yes. I promise. Everything will be back to normal soon."

When people in the 'mundane' world have no where else to turn, they turn to Craft Ramsay and Knightsbridge Consulting.