Clarice Miller

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Played by: derula

Techno-Bee, female, 17

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: London
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown

Born on 5/23/2000 in Providence, Rhode Island, Clarice was an ordinary girl. Because her dual-income parents had trouble giving her the time she needed, they sent her to a Váli-run boarding school at a very early age. This institution was conducting experiments to replicate the effect granted to some chosen individuals through Gaia's bees. Early results during the 90's and early 2000's were inconclusive and had to be discarded, but Clarice proved surprisingly resilient, and was kept for many years. Her parents were fed a story about some sort of tragic accident, and the police investigation was unsurprisingly shallow.

Despite Clarice not being born with any special talents or abilities, the experiments were successful. By the age of ten, after eight years of torture and abuse, she could channel powerful magick, although she was unable to control it, still. She could draw upon many powers normally limited to Gaia-chosen individuals, but the research was not concluded. Their goal was to make this experiment reproducible. They wanted to be able to turn - at will - any person into someone whose abilities and powers were on par with, if not greater than those of a Gaia-chosen individual. Enter the secret societies.

On 9/13/2013, the boarding school that was housing Clarice burned down due under mysterious circumstances. The media made little mention of it, the police investigation was, again, unsurprisingly shallow. The few reports that speak of it mention eyewitnesses claiming arson. If you ever find a copy of one of these articles, which is unlikely, good luck tracking down the reporter or the eyewitnesses. Spoiler alert: you won't. In fact, you would do better to destroy the article and deny ever laying eyes upon it. For your own good.

Clarice, having lost her ability to expire, got picked up by the Dragon during the fire. They took her to Seoul, and trained her in using her powers more effectively and efficiently. They showed her the way to Agartha, and let her fight alongside their strike forces despite her young age. She volunteered, and was happy to help and to learn more about her powers. Never in her memory had she been treated like a human being before, so she felt very thankful and wanted to pay back her "saviors." That is, until she realized that theirs was not a battle she was willing to fight.

Váli had demonstrated that it was possible to replicate the powers that usually only Gaia can bestow upon people. They had proven it, in secret, in a small facility in Rhode Island. They hadn't told anyone, not even higher-ups of their own company. Nobody knew. Except, of course, for the non-existing arsonists who destroyed their facility and erased this knowledge from existence. The only witness, the only proof, is a squishy little Techno-Bee whom no-one will believe.

But these man-made powers come at a price. While real Bees control their powers with ease, and manage to make Agartha their second home, Clarice's powers strain her. She can't die, sure, but that doesn't mean that each trip through the spirit world isn't filled with terror and torment. She can channel magick, but every second she uses it, she has to relive her past, her horrible memories, the pain she was put through. Over, and over, and over again.

Ultimately, this dilemma made her decide to leave the Secret War behind. She made her grand escape, with a big "f*** you!" to her superiors, comrades, and friends in Seoul. She set out to find who she really was. Forget her past. Should be simple, right?

Clarice is currently in contact with a cabal called RAVEN to help her deal with her special situation.