Chi Vashon

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Played by: Frank

Mortal bee, Male, 37

Aliases: None known
Nationality: United Kingdom
Residence: Where Ever I May Roam - Metallica
Employer: Templars - Order of the Grail
Function: Field Medic
Twitter: @chivashon

Grew up a poor boy in London. Never had money. Small family never close. Left home while I was sixteen. Wandered Europe with just my backpack. Mostly did odd jobs wherever I could find them. Stayed in hostiles and cheap apartments. Always lived on the fringe of society. It was freedom and I kept positive about where I was going in life. Then I swallowed a bee.

I didn't choose the life. It chose me. Happened while I was asleep. Thought I was choking. Going insane. Then the Templars came knocking. Trained me to harness these new powers. I fit right in so easily. My life was free and chaotic but I realized I lived on the edge of normal reality the the secret world already. I thought back to experiences on the road. Strange occurrences I couldn't explain and now realize it all lead to this. The truth. Now I have purpose.

I enjoy working for the Council of Venice time to time. There needs to be a balancing force out there to keep the factions in line or there would be constant war. This world needs allies not enemies.