Cazna Sheild-Sworn

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Played by: Luxtos

Mortal bee, Female, 27

Aliases: Caz, Cazna Jarvi
Nationality: Duel English and Finnish
Residence: Seoul, South Korea
Employer: Dragon
Function: Field Agent/University Student
Twitter: CaznaJarvi

Cazna has a fair skin tone that is dotted with light brown freckles, mainly on her face and arms. Her hair is cut into short bob and dyed dark blue with light blue streaks (her natural hair colour is a dark rusted ginger). Her facial features are typical of someone with Scandinavian descent; thin nose, high cheekbones and a square jaw. Her eyes are a pale blue that borders on grey. Cazna has spent most of her life practicing various forms of martial arts, this has left her with some muscle toning but most of it is located in her legs. Years of training have also lead to Cazna constantly standing alert, her legs firmly planted and her shoulders back. She has some light scarring across her left abdomen and back from a accident that occurred when she was a teenage.

Cazna had always felt suffocated by the legacy of blood oaths she was meant to have carried on. Although she was raised by people who loved and cared for her, the ever-present expectation of succession made her resent her youth. When the time came to sign up to the Templars with her twin, Cazna instead disappeared to Seoul and enrolled in university before getting collected by the Dragon.

Cazna has always loved throwing herself into the dangers of life, approaching anything new with excitement and confidence. However she quickly gets bored of doing thing more than once, especially if she feel like she’s mastered it. Her love of danger goes hand in hand with her impulsive nature. While this makes her apt for the Dragon and also for her preferred fighting methods, Cazna was seen as being unreliable by her family.

Cazna tends to be rigid in her beliefs and ways especially when she doesn’t know people or situations very well. Ever analyzing cause and effect, she enjoys pushing slightly and observing the changes that occur. Aside from this Cazna is a very social creature, she enjoys the process of connecting to another human being even if it’s meaning less after the moment. After the strict regime of her upbringing Cazna does everything she can to rebel against what was expected of her; from her blue hair to her degree in theoretical and quantum physics.

The Sheild-Sworn family have been talented magical studiers since the middle ages, so when the witch hunts began they fled to London and begged the Templars for refuge. The result is a generation to generation long debt that most of the family proudly fulfil. Cazna is one of two twins born in this generation, although she’s classed as the younger she was born immediately after her sister.

Both girls were raised with the family’s debt at the forefront of their learning. As such they spent their childhoods in Finland learning the skills of hunting, tracking, basic survival skills, basic human and monster biology and a few ancient and dying languages as well as a normal primary school education.

For a more advanced education Drada and Cazna were sent back to London to attend a Templar supervised secondary education. Cazna began to rebel studying subjects that took her interests, this mainly comprised of chaos/elemental magic and various martial arts (comprising of sambo, aikido and muay thai) however at her parents insistence she also learnt bojutsu and basic firearms training. Her education also built upon the subjects that she had learned in Finland.

At the end of her secondary education she had 6 A-levels in physics, chemistry, maths, japanese, english literature and philosophy. Cazna kept up a rigorous training regime, often practising her magical and martial skills for hours on end.

Cazna left her family and home in London to attend the university of seoul. Here she has already completed one degree in quantum physics and is currently studying another in theoretical physics while working as an agent for the dragon.

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Birthday: 28th of October

Height: Five feet seven inches

Place Of Birth: Helsinki, Finland

Place Of Current Residence: Seoul, South Korea

Favourite Drink: Elderflower Flavoured Fizzy Water

Favourite Food: Spinach and Rocket Salad

Favourite Snack: Lemon Slices

Favorite Place: Tokyo

Favourite Hobby: Playing Go (An ancient Chinese board game)

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Flower: None (maybe bluebells but she won’t admit it)

Hi there! As a general thing I prefer to have lore friendly roleplay, however I understand that somethings are grey and that's okay is discussed first and if it's not totally outlandish. As a general thing I really don't like any sort of forced action/pushing characters to do things they wouldn't normally do. Along a similar path before wounding or hurting this character please ask me first, same thing goes for intimate relationships (but not ERP).