Carter Novak

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Played by: Misfit

Bee, Male, 31

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: New York City, New York
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown

Carter Novak was born on the 13th of November, 1985 to Allison and Thomas Novak. Carter was raised in their family home alongside his siblings, but due to the way his parents busy lifestyle affected the family he was left to fend for himself a majority of the time. As a result he grew to be reserved and avoidant of others, preferring to be by himself and to do as much as he could in order to not be reliant on others.

When his parents divorced due to marital issues caused by adultery and their abuse of various substances, Carter ended up being left behind as the family splintered apart. He spent a few years on the streets, and briefly went off of the grid.

Carter has never been a willing member of the Illuminati, and it took them over a year to be finally able to find what combination of psychological manipulations was the right one in order to begin to crack the shield that he had built around himself so that they could wriggle in. He's still not fond of the society, or what he has to do for them, but they're nothing if not thorough with their conditioning methods. He's still able to feel his dislike, and he's still aware of what they've done to him, but is unable to express that dislike. Certain topics or situations are also off limits to him now, and he's learned that the hard way when he's been shut down before he can react to something or continue his line of thought in a conversation.

Most of his job focus is sitting at a computer and digging away, but every now and then he's needing to pick a physical lead up or being sent off somewhere in order to dig up and study what isn't and can't be found over a digital source. He's not fond of these little adventures, mostly because he's got a fear of the unknown and a fear of guns. The inability to decline means he's usually stuck in a solid state of distress until he's out of a situation or done with a job.

He's thorough with his work, even if it means shutting himself into his apartment and dropping all social contact. In some cases, it helps him deal, being able to lock himself away. In other cases, it's just because he wants it over and done with.

He's a fan of psychology and a few other things. Mostly psychology though, he's got a interest in how things affect people and what makes people tick. He's also got a lot of opinions, but which ones actually come about in a conversation are a toss up. He's had it in the past where he's been on a roll about a topic he's passionate about and been shut down in the middle of it hard, and then had to deal with his view seeming flawed or heavily biased due to being unable to talk about the other parts that it's made up of.

For orientation, he's demisexual and demiromantic.

Carter's face claim is Rami Malek, primarily based off of his appearance as Elliot Alderson. It's what fit my mental image for him the best, and it's what I've been sticking to. Yes, I am aware that other people in the community have the same face claim. We've made good on it (As far as I am aware) and while I'm always up for ribbing about it I ask that it not hit obnoxious levels.