Azazeal Muerto

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'Aza, Reaper, Death'
Played by: Azazeal

Human, male, 1270 years

Aliases: Death
Nationality: Scottish
Residence: Glasgow, Scotland
Employer: N/A
Function: Reaper

Face Claim = Andy Bliersack (Aka Andy Black) Azazeal was born in a different time. He was born in Northern Scotland (Glasgow today) and his small village he was a part of was controlled by Vikings. He was a practitioner of magic, a druid, and as well as the rest of his family. In 760CE at the age of 10, his family’s magical practice was banned by the viking leaders, and they were exiled to live out in the fields away from the rest of the village. In 762 however, a Roman fleet had come through from the south, and killed the vikings that had inhabited the area, putting this small section of Scotland in a war for land. In 763, the Scots fought back against the Romans and pushed them out, Azazeal’s family being one of the primary sources of winning back the land from the foreign invaders, however this victory also cost both of his parent’s lives.

In 769, 6 years after the invasion, Aza’s sister became infected with the plague and died shortly after, never making it to her 16th birthday. Aza then was to be sold for marriage by his aunt and uncle, the price of 2 goats for a girl that was still in the village. This was in hopes that Aza’s family could become part of the village again.

On October 1, 770CE however he as well became infected with the plague, and on October 10 died early in the morning from the virus. It was here however, he had made an agreement with death, his body being imbued with so much magic, that he pledged his loyalties to Death itself and his second life as a reaper began.

Since his death, he has done his duty as a Reaper, and from time to time bounces between both the living and dying realms. Current events however, (TSW) has changed this now that bees, vampires and other creatures have come to surface. His duty has changed after over a thousand years of service, and now he has to focus on which souls he needs to save, and which ones need to be taken to the boatman to go across the river.

If you ever have dealt with the realm of the dead. Ghosts, wraiths, any of the above are afraid of him, and some like to toy with him. If you live in Glasgow. If you frequent metal shows. He tends to love to go to concerts. Demons are aware of his presence. Magic users would definitely notice he is not normal. People who can see souls would see Aza as a black void (reaper). Chaos users would see that chaos doesn’t go near him. Bees might have a foggy memory of someone talking to them as their soul goes back into their body. If you have died, you may have come in contact with him

Aza will mostly be seen with either long or short, jet black hair. His skin is pale, more so since he isn’t alive. His eyes are baby blue, almost crystal in color, and begin to appear white when he is looking into the realm of death. He does wear makeup, sometimes heavy and sometimes light, sometimes none at all. Most of the time, it represents the ancient ways of face paint.

He has a leather jacket with the word PROPHET on the back he tends to favor. He wears band shirts, most of the time torn or ripped, black pants or jeans, and black boots. He has earrings he will wear from time to time, normally favoring the cross that hangs from his left ear, a nose ring, lip ring, and a plethora of bracelets, leather bands, and rings.

The most noticeable thing about him, aside from how tall and thin he is, are his enormous amounts of tattoos all over his body, each holding a significant meaning, for his tattoos are his way of remembering times and events. They are all magical, and some are even wards to protect him from the realm of death.