Asta Alvasdottir

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'the Hammer, Fae-Slayer/Faeslayer'
Played by: Thrima

Alfr/Elf, Female, ???

Aliases: Thrima/Grima
Nationality: Alfheimr
Residence: Alfheimr
Employer: ???
Function: ???

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - the Ljósálfar signal - RECEIVE - initiate the solar cadence - SHE WHO CHOSE THE PATH OF THE DEFENDER - but is chained - WITNESS - Asta the Hammer

We have reports on this Asta from as far back as the three hundreds Anno Domino, all about her encounters with the fae kin of the british islands, all of them ending with violence. Supposedly all of it done on orders of her unseen kin. Whether this will be a problem for the Templars remains to be seen.

Excerpt from a Templar Report.

We've seen her movements through the ages. She is the defender that became chained. The target that is meant to be known and draw attention, yet cannot be ignored because when the eye moved away, the hammer came down.

In the end we know her as the instrument that sows the field, straining against the endless chains placed on her being while leaving those whom come after to reap the fruits of the discordant truths.