Ashton Maraban

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Played by: DJ Asha

Bee, Male, 32

Aliases: Ash, DJ Asha, DJ Ashamar
Nationality: United states
Residence: London, UK
Employer: Club Phoenix
Function: Owner/DJ
Twitter: @djashamar

    Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Ashton was mostly raised by his mother, Regina Maraban (Covington).  She married Tom Maraban on her 18th birthday, and was cut off from her family inheritance when she gave birth to Ashton seven months later.  Tom Maraban was a criminal and a carouser, and often had stints in jail for burglary, gambling and petty larceny.  In June of 1990, he was shot dead attempting to rob a convenience store, leaving Regina to care for Ashton on her own.  After Tom's death, The Covingtons reconnected with Regina and provided assistance while Regina regained her financial footing.
    During these years, Ashton was shielded from much of the turmoil surrounding him, and had a relatively tame childhood.  He gravitated towards music at an early age, and was a star pupil in both his music and math classes.  He was also full of talk and mischief, and the lack of supervision at home led him to test his limits and the limits of the patience of those around him.
    By the time Ashton went to high school, he was too much for Regina to manage.  When he came home one day riding someone else's bicycle, Regina had reached her limit.  Deciding that Ashton needed a positive male influence in his life, she asked her friend and employer Victor Mancini if he could begin spending time with the boy.  
    For the next year, the hunt was on.  Ashton attempting to shake free of Victor's company, and Victor meeting him at every turn.  Victor was a near-constant presence in their house, and began spending more and more time with Regina even when he wasn't trying to thwart Ashton's mayhem. 
    One day, Victor showed up unannounced and asked for Regina's hand in marriage, which she accepted.  She then prepared a large dinner, so they could give the news to Ashton and celebrate.  It was not meant to be, as while this was happening Ashton was being arrested for burning down a barn on the neighboring property.  The feast was left uneaten, and the newly engaged couple rushed off to bail Ashton out of jail.  Victor intervened on his behalf, paying for the reconstruction of the barn on the condition that Ashton would work off the debt at the warehouse that Victor ran.
    Victor and Regina were married that fall, and the somewhat calmer Ashton managed to bring up his grades, play drums in the jazz band at school and guitar in his own band on the weekends.  Right before Christmas break, Victor was transferred.  The family put the house up for sale, packed up and moved to Solomon Island.  Ashton stayed behind, ironically with the family whose barn he had burned down.  He finished high school, making the honor roll for the first time in his last semester.  After graduation, he moved to Solomon Island and enrolled at Wabanaki Community College.
    Ashton's college career was brief, consisting of only his freshman year.  He majored in communications, but his main focus was securing gigs and promoting the band he had joined shortly after moving to the area.  He advertised, sold tickets and secured contracts with the student unions at both his school and nearby Innsmouth College.  He also reinvested the profits and formed his own promotions company, hiring a DJ to play in between the band's sets.  Ashton became interested in the DJ equipment, and started shadowing the DJ during his performances in order to learn the basics of mixing, shaping the beats and interacting with the crowd.  

Ashton was recruited by The Templars shortly after being chosen by the bees. He left behind ownership in several nightclubs in the United States, leaving them to be operated by his partners while he completed his initial training. Upon completion of said training, he returned and liquidated his holdings, reinvesting in property in Tokyo that is easier to keep an eye on while operating within The Secret World.

Affiliations: Club Phoenix, Knightsbridge Consulting Freelancer Program, World Battle Federation Associates: DJ Deathshadow, DJ Thea, Misann Forzo, Abrienne Helsing, Clan Deckard Mother: Regina 'Cruciata' Mancini Step-Father: Victor 'Cattivo' Mancini

Ashton recently found out from his mother that he is a fourth generation blood mage, though his training is incomplete due to this knowledge being hidden from him his whole life. Although progressing rapidly, Ashton had no military or combat training of any kind before joining the Templars, and his inexperience sometimes shows and he becomes frustrated at his limited knowledge and is driven to catch up as quickly as possible. He believes that his purpose is to eradicate filth and thwart the dreamers. Other enemies are consideered much less important and worthy of his efforts.

Ashton enjoys listening to and composing music, eating out and reading tomes of history and magic.