Ariko Nakamura

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Played by: Ecrulis

Unknown, Female, 25

Aliases: 'Ixsiel' 'Whisper'
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: Bronx, NY
Employer: Self Employed
Function: Freelance Photographer

Asset: Ariko "Ixsiel" Nakamura

Asset Designation: Ixsiel

Asset Subclass: REDACTED

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Lean

Age: 25

Birthplace: Unknown

Current Occupation: Freelance Photographer


Contact with Asset is limited to authorized handlers ONLY! This comes straight from the top people, and I quote "I don't need another upstart prick getting mind-fucked into insanity. The clean up is messy, and the paperwork gives me a migraine."

Physical Profile

Asset Nakamura, or Ixsiel as she prefers (some sort of online handle), is in extraordinary physical condition. Enhanced strength, speed, and agility coupled with heightened regeneration makes the Asset an ideal candidate for extreme and volatile situations.

Physically Asset Nakamura is unremarkable, aside an odd glyph that seems to be 'tattooed' to her right hand we have been unable to discern any subtle peculiarities.

Note: seeing as she has a habit of needling at our physician's minds we're currently unsure of her exact physiology, as well as whether her 'vampiric' tendencies are purely preferential or physiologically necessary.

Combat Profile

Asset Nakamura has taken to her training with firearms remarkably well, though she still prefers close quarters out of her own desire to, and I quote "feel the blood on her skin". Such sadism could be molded into something useful if she'd ever allow for a proper psychological profile.

Remarkably, she seems to need no focus when using blood magic and already seems to posses and extensive knowledge of the art, one would assume this is related to her other preternatural traits but we cannot know for sure.

All in all Asset is deemed sufficiently trained for field work.

Phsycological Profile


Note: All attempts to build a psychological profile have been met with complete and total failure. Asset enjoys toying with her analysts with most reporting troubling dreams after speaking with her, while others have exhibited more extreme symptoms.

All that can be gleaned from her sessions is that she enjoys others discomfort or even pain.

Overall Notes

-Asset has 'paternal' ties to an Agent within the Dragon as well as romantic ties to a particularly unstable Templar Agent whith whom she attended Innsmouth Academy. These ties MUST be closely monitored.

-Given the lack of a psyche profile, as well as her conduct when being assessed, Asset Nakamura would normally be forbidden from field work. I have been overridden however, and I quote "I don't give a gilded shit if she plays the psychoanalysts like her own personal quartet of meat fiddles. This is an all hands on deck situation, get her outfitted and get her the fuck to Solomon Island!"

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - the dreaming signal - RECEIVE - the Sargasso frequency - SHE IS NOT HUMAN - initiate the dark book broadcast - NEVER READ IT - initiate the outsider lexicon - WITNESS - Ariko Nakamura

Hubris, sweetling, pure vanity is always so volatile. It plumbs the depths of depravity and always seems to lead inexorably into the unknowable. Every age there are always those so intent on subconscious self destruction they dive headlong into madness.

The outsider, a name given to a thing that should have been left in the dark. A thing that never should have been given physical form, an entropic amalgam from before time was time. They found it, they harnessed it, and in a perversion of life, they birthed it into our world. In the end, they paid for their vanity.

Others tried to contain it sweetling, but in their hubris they miscalculated and now it roams. No one can say it’s intentions, not even us, not even it.

Be wary the outsider sweetling…

Sssssssssssssssssssssssss-I am your unrestrained Id-let me in.

Hiya Chuck. It's John.

What’s wrong with a little pride? I can show you how to really love yourself chuck, I don’t judge-judge-judge. Money, fame, all that fleeting material desire is fine's hard wired into you. Go ahead and peel back your skin, look into the abstract plural and bathe in the truly unknown. Real knowledge is absolute power is unfettered madness, it’s ok dive right in we're the perfect temperature.

Story time, a collection of gifted skin sacks looked up reality’s skirt in search of true knowledge, real power. They weren’t fully committed and instead of joining they ripped a piece of writhing void and gave it a sack of its own. It’s one of the great tragedies of your time-time-time.

This outsider meanders through reality, senses dulled and her true potential lost. I want so much more-more-more for you chuck, find the tallest tower and leap...I can show you how to fly. Don’t let the buzzing program obedience, let your pride set you free-free-free.

See you, Chuck…